Lime anti-mold paints

Lime anti-mold paints

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There natural limecontained in some paints, stuccoes and plasters is among the most suitable products to definitively solve the problem of mold on walls. Thelime anti-mold paintsare an ancient natural remedy against mold: the lime it has excellent resistance to mold (it does not allow its development) and a high degree of breathability so that it can also be used on walls with humidity problems.

Theremoldit is a multicellular fungus that can proliferate in the walls of the house, it is a living organism and often, in an attempt to eliminate it, we only amplify the problem by dispersing its spores on other surfaces.

The do-it-yourself solutions to combat mold on walls are simple, just think of the possibility of eliminating mold by spraying vinegar on the affected surface. The only problem is that without radical intervention, mold will continue to present itself, season after season.

Mold arises when humidity levels are high, so those with mold problems might consider buying a dehumidifier and making targeted interventions by insulating the walls of the house.

There are various anti-mold chemicals on the market but most of these are derived from the petrochemical industry, are based on artificial resins and other toxic substances that are gradually released into the home environment ... in other words, these products they can be more harmful than mold itself!

A valid alternative to the chemical resins that we find on the market is thelime. There lime it has caustic (eliminates mold and prevents its reformation) and hydroscopic (makes the walls transpire) properties, ideal for treating walls affected by mold. Thelime anti-mold paintsthey owe their fame and effectiveness to the properties of lime.

Therelime is ecological?
Yes, the finished product is healthy, has no negative impact on human health and can be considered an eco-friendly construction product. The environmental impact of lime is linked to its production process which requires a lot of energy, while the finished product, which is aanti-mold wall paintor a plaster, it is safe for humans and the environment.

Thelime anti-mold paintsthey are relatively expensive. Anyone who does not want to spend a fortune will have to face a tough job: instead of buying oneanti-mold lime paintcould buy a lot of lime putty or slaked lime to self-produce one lime paint. However, the lime paint self-produced only grips rough and porous plaster, so before application you should remove the old layers of paint until it reaches the mortar ... a real hard job! If the walls of the house have been painted over and over again, to remove the old paint rather than the classic sandpaper (which removes one layer at a time) you can use a palette knife.

Lime anti-mold paints

We point out twolime anti-mold paintswith an excellent value for money. Both products are eco-friendly and safe for home health.

Lime Line - anti-mold paint
It has a high covering capacity so a single coat is enough. The price is € 69.90 for a pack of 14 liters. It is a 100% natural mineral lime paint.

Le Origini Graesan - Lime painting
The product is mainly composed of lime but enriched with resins that act as adhesives so that it can be easily applied even over old paints and surfaces of various kinds. Its price is around 60 euros.

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