Extra virgin coconut oil: benefits and uses

Extra virgin coconut oil: benefits and uses

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L'extra virgin coconut oil is a product that delivers benefits such as dietary supplement and how beauty product. The procedure to obtain it is very simple as it involves the simple one squeezing the pulp of coconuts, after drying it, called "cover“, It can be called extra virgin only when the pressing is done immediately after the harvest, produced by the first cold pressing at a temperature that does not exceed 38 degrees.

L'extra virgin coconut oil contains valuable nutrients: vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin J (choline) and iron. It is a high quality "raw" product that contains medium-chain fatty acids (lauric acid, caprylic acid and caprinic acid) and therefore with beneficial effects for our body.

Unlike palm oil, the consumption of which can have negative consequences for the body and in particular on the cardiovascular system,coconut oil on the contrary it would have abeneficial action on the cardiovascular system, as demonstrated by a 2004 study published in "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition“.

More benefits of extra virgin coconut oil are those brought to thedigestive system (coconut oil fights stomach acid, improving digestion), al immune system (coconut oil, by strengthening the immune defenses, prevents the attack of pathogens) and our metabolism (coconut oil increases the blood concentration of HDL, "the good cholesterol", decreasing that of LDL, "the bad cholesterol").

L'extra virgin coconut oil it is therefore an excellent alternative to extra virgin olive oil (which has a higher price) as part of a balanced diet. In addition thecoconut oil it has a very high smoke point compared to olive oil which becomes toxic when cooked.

Its particular combination of medium-chain fatty acids makes extra virgin coconut oil a product capable of accelerating metabolism, increasing the sense of fullness and promoting weight loss.

Coconut oil is also an excellent antibacterial, enhancing the immune defenses against fungi, viruses, microbes and bacteria.

Extra virgin coconut oil: the benefits in the cosmetic field

L'coconut oil is used as a cosmetic with beneficial effects in three ways:

1) As a moisturizer and anti aging cream of the skin as it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect the dermis by keeping it hydrated and creating a protective barrier against the attack of harmful agents such as the sun and pollution. Coconut oil creams are especially indicated for those with oily skin or acne problems as the fatty acids contained in coconut oil fight the creation of DHT which according to multiple studies appears to be one of the factors that can promote acne formation.

2) As a hair oil, especially indicated to combat dryness generated by prolonged exposure to the sun. Coconut oil products for hair ensure benefits in terms of hydration, softness and brightness.

3) As a massage oil, for its moisturizing properties and for its light and delicate scent.

Coconut oil: appearance

Coconut oil occurs above 15-20 degrees and has a full-bodied consistency, similar to that of butter.

Coconut oil: where to buy it

Products such ascoconut oil they can be purchased online on dedicated websites that guarantee product quality. In my opinion, an excellent choice is the jar of Organic coconut oil that you can buy on this page.

The 200 gram jar costs 7.10 euros, the 450 gram jar 15.10 euros and the 1,000 gram jar 27.70 euros.

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