Dwarf pig: character and price

Dwarf pig: character and price

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Dwarf pig, or Vietnamese pig, or Thai pig, has many names but it is he, he is a sweet companion animal, clean, yes, and very affectionate. It is not an apartment animal, the dwarf pig, and not even a life partner for anyone. Despite being one of the exotic animals more and more popular also in Italy, it is not suitable for everyone, it requires special care and a suitable environment, with a garden where to run. Scientifically the dwarf pig it is classified as follows: class Mammalia, order Artiodactyla, suborder Suiformes, family Suidae, genus Sus, and species Sus scrofa domestica.

Dwarf pig: character

Pig yes, but the dwarf pig it's smart and clean. Curious and sociable, if you pamper him and scratch him behind his ears and on his stomach, he will be conquered and he will love us madly. He is generally friendly with the circle of acquaintances, with the master in particular he is loyal and shows the strong bond he has with close people by emitting sympathetic grunts and wagging his tail.

It is not suitable for an apartment but it is very suitable for a family dwarf pig , even if the aforementioned family has a dog. If jealousy does not trigger, the other 4-legged helps him to integrate and he willingly lets himself be involved. It may happen that the dwarf pig with strangers both wary and also touchy, can manifest motions of aggression and defense of the territory.

Dwarf pig: appearance

Compared to its peers from other races, the dwarf pig it has small dimensions, as an adult it becomes comparable to a medium-large size dog: it is on average 90 cm long, 40 high, and weighs about 60-70 kg. For comparison, the pig breeds raised for meat reach 250-300 kg.

The ears of the dwarf pig they are straight and the tail is not curled, the hair is actually made of bristles, it is classically black, but there are many specimens also white, with black and white spots. some color turns, but it is rare. The dwarf pig has a protruding belly, which is also the reason for one of his many American names, "Potbelled pig", and correspondingly it has a concave back.

The nose of the dwarf pig it has an excellent sense of smell, rather than canine, and despite its small ears, it also has excellent hearing and a highly developed tactile sensitivity, particularly on the muzzle.

Dwarf pig: training

The dwarf pig he is receptive and awake, yes even, with the patience one has with a dog, teach him to recognize his name and to respond to the call. Of course, it's not easy to start training a dwarf pig who, if scolded, keeps his muzzle, turns his back and stays still for a few moments.

Fortunately, he recognizes in the master the pack leader and at that point he begins to think even if he has the instinct to rolling in the mud to get rid of skin parasites and an insatiable appetite, which is why he wanders around that makes him rooting all over the place. As for the needs, he always does them in the same place and, if given the opportunity, in the garden, he baby bath every day: for example, we can give him a basin of clean water.

Dwarf pig: care and feeding

He tends to be obese on dwarf pig, because he is omnivorous and greedy, greedy, in truth, to be honest. It is therefore an animal that needs physical exercise and one balanced diet. If it were up to him, he would spend his life looking for something to eat, and it would not be difficult since he eats everything, even the remains of the kitchen that we can give him, but integrated.

If we contact the trusted veterinarian, and expert, we can ask for some supplements, otherwise at home we can supplement with a wet mash made from corn flour, soy flour, oat flakes, alfalfa and fresh, especially chicory. In autumn he ouò indulge the gluttony of some ripe acorn, but instead fruits, treats and fatty foods. Yes to vegetables, instead, to be combined with meals often and willingly.

When he eats the dwarf pig chew in a way that gives satisfaction to those who have cooked. He does it with his mouth open not out of rudeness: he is a gourmet. By mixing air with food, the dwarf pig he knows it well, as even professional tasters know it, the volatile aromatic substances appreciated by the sense of smell.

In addition to being powered, the dwarf pig it must also be kept clean: a bath and then clean eyes and ears, brush it but without distress because the bristles are less volatile and less annoying than the hair of dogs and cats.

Dwarf pig: price

It is not easily available in normal pet shops, sometimes it is on request, sometimes not just, so to have a dwarf pig it is better to turn to a specialized breeding. The price varies from 50 to 100 euros. A puppy must never be less than six weeks old to be properly weaned, and when taking it you need to be aware that in addition to the purchase price, the dwarf pig requires not negligible expenses.

For compulsory vaccinations, sterilization, whatever the sex, the filing of the claws and, only for males, the cutting of the fangs. Better to look for a veterinarian close and experienced in the care of dwarf pig. If treated well it lasts from 10 to 20 years, intended as a pet, otherwise it is slaughtered towards the 16 months of age to make meat.

Dwarf pig: origins

It comes from Vietnam and Thailand to the West as a curiosity to show in zoos. The dwarf pig first set foot in Sweden and Canada, then in the United States and there, in the mid-1980s, he began to have great success as pet.

Overseas the dwarf pig is called mini pig (dwarf pig) e potbelled pig (cup-bellied pig or pot-bellied pig), in Italy it remains the dwarf pig or Vietnamese and is not very widespread, but it is growing sharply. This is also thanks to George Clooney who had one until 2006, when he died at the age of 18. The dwarf pig has its long moment of fame, even in the films “Babe brave pig”, a funny film for lovers not only of pigs, but of all animals. There is also the sequel, with the adventures of "Babe Goes In Town".

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