Geopathy and geopathic stress, how to defend yourself

Geopathy and geopathic stress, how to defend yourself

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Avoid it geopathy stress it is possible with some tricks at home. The main one is to avoid areas disturbed by electromagnetic fields, for example by moving furniture around. Another is to apply cork mats under the entire surface of the bed, to deflect harmful rays at least during sleep. It is also useful to place a piece of rock alum next to the bed (also good for personal hygiene) which will be rinsed every day under running water, taking care not to put it under the bed because it would worsen the situation.

Rock alum

Sleep is the phase most exposed to geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress because it sees us helpless at the mercy of electromagnetic waves. Both those generated by external factors related to human activity (cables and electrical wires, including those hidden in walls, appliances and various devices ...) and those generated by a geopathy real connected to the presence of particular conditions in the subsoil. It is proven that the human body needs alkaline conditions in order to free itself from toxins during sleep. The electromagnetic fields, on the other hand, increase acidity, that is, the opposite situation.

What is a geopathy?

From the depth of the Earth comes a natural radiation that normally does not disturb the activity of living beings, humans, animals and plants. However, this radiation becomes harmful when it encounters electromagnetic fields, even if weak, created by water veins or underground cracks or by certain mineral concentrations. When this happens we speak of geopathy and the consequence of the exposure is one geopathic stress which can manifest itself in headaches, nightmares, insomnia, fatigue and depression, cramps and ocular tension.

How is a geopathy recognized?

Animals have an accentuated sensitivity towards telluric radiation and their behavior has always been considered to reveal the presence of geopathies. Shepherds, especially those of the past, know that grazing animals trace safety paths to avoid geopathic zones, and it is well known that ranchers and farmers of yore looked at the behavior of animals before deciding where to build the farm.

However, animals have different reactions. You can trust your dog: his favorite areas in the house will be those free from harmful radiation. Instead, beware of the cat, which must be interpreted in reverse: this animal loves underground solicitations and if you always find it in the same place on the bed, perhaps it is appropriate to change position. Other animals that flee geopathies they are: horses, cows, pigs, sheep, storks (where the nest is a safe place) and even mice. Animals that instead choose geopathic zones they are: ants, termites, bees, wasps, snails, in addition to the already mentioned cats.

Even the flora, according to some scholars, can reveal the existence of conditions geopathic stress. Twisted trees, lack of fruit or the tendency of some plants to be struck by lightning are the best known symptoms. Even lush expanses of ivy, ferns and nettles indicate the presence of telluric currents and there are healing plants, such as calendula and mint, which maximize aroma and properties thanks to the stimulation of underground radiation.

However, the safe way to locate geopathies it is the direct one consisting of an on-site survey. Geobilogists, kinesiologists, radioaesthesiologists, home therapists and even dowsers deal with this. There are officially recognized associations of these operators who can guarantee professional qualities. With DIY and a good microwave indicator you can identify electromagnetic fields and measure their intensity quite accurately.

Microwave indicator

Detecting a geopathy with water and salt

An empirical system to reveal a geopathy in a point of the house, for example under the bed, the sofa or in the workstation (the 3 points where we spend the most hours) is that of the crystallization of salt. Take some low plastic and glass containers such as those for storing food in the fridge and pour a finger of water where you have dissolved some sea salt. The water-salt solution (which you will prepare first in a jug) must be well saturated so you will need to pour the salt a little at a time and mix for a long time (it will be saturated at the right point when the salt begins to not dissolve. At this point put the basins in the points to be measured (under the bed, under the sofa ...) and leave them for a few days until the water has evaporated completely. If the salt has crystallized uniformly, everything is ok, if instead the crystallization it is disordered one is in the presence of one geopathy.

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