Natural remedies against garden insects

Natural remedies against garden insects

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Natural remedies against garden insects: the do-it-yourself remedies to eliminate plant parasites in a natural way.

There are manynatural remedies against garden insectsbut we must learn to act wisely so as not to eliminate useful insects in the garden. The precautions for use do not only concern the chemical insecticides that we find on the market, they also concern the natural remediesand do-it-yourself preparations: some natural pesticides are broad-spectrum, that is, effective against parasites and also against garden-friendly insects such as ladybugs that protect our crops from attack by aphids.

Do-it-yourself remedies against garden pests

It is possible to get rid of parasites more common thanvegetable garden helping yourself with natural remedies and do it yourself.

Often these are rather cheap and completely green solutions that allow us to safeguard our plants. On this page we will bring you a series of useful examples forcultivate an organic gardenwithzero pesticides!

Against aphids you can use a decoction with 500 ml of water and 1 small head of garlic divided into cloves, or a tomato macerate or even some blended chilli, diluted in a little water and sprinkled on the leaves.

Against cochineal it is advisable to water the plant regularly, perhaps by recovering a spray, with a mixture of cold water and some essential components, including for example tea tree oil, propolis or Marseille soap.

Garlic is a natural insecticide which can be used to counter the presence ofplant lice as well as the essential oil of rosemary to be sprayed on the leaves.

It is important to know that plant lice do not tolerate humid environments. For this reason it may be useful to cover the bottom of your pots with a layer of expanded clay balls. In general, garlic is also excellent for defeating bedbugs, mites and the various flies that infest plants.

- The synergistic vegetable garden

When it comes tonatural remedies against garden insects,synergistic agriculture has an extra gear: it does not use any chemical repellent and exploits the natural properties of the crops themselves. In the synergistic garden, to prevent the appearance of parasites and harmful insects, special associations of vegetables are implemented and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, mint are grown ... which work as natural repellents. Even more, among the crops, in the synergistic garden it is used to plant chives, onions and garlic, an optimal solution to ward off aphids and other pests.

- Garlic as a natural pesticide

Garlic is also useful in organic and biodynamic agriculture with ad hoc preparations such as infusions and decoctions to be sprayed directly on the plants. All information:garlic as a natural pesticide.

- Decoctions based on nettle

Betweenremedies against garden insectsnettle-based decoctions stand out. Nettle boasts infinite beneficial properties and does not fail to be a good fertilizer and a good natural pesticide.

- Homemade pesticides

In the article dedicated tohomemade pesticides we have seennatural remedies against garden insectsWhich:

  • mites
  • powdery mildew
  • plant lice
  • worms
  • aphids
  • mealybugs
  • snails
  • fungal diseases
  • molds

- Decoction of horsetail

Horsetail decoction can also be recommended for natural garden care. In particular, the horsetail decoction is useful in preventing and combating diseases of fungal origin. The decoction should be sprayed directly on the leaves affected by the fungus; it can also be used only as a preventive treatment to encourage more vigorous plant growth.

To prepare the nettle macerate and the horsetail decoction, I recommend the page dedicated tonatural pesticides.

– Chilli as a natural repellent

An aqueous solution obtained by macerating shredded chilli can be very useful for combating aphids and snails. The irritating power of chilli keeps various insects in the garden at bay.

- Green bedbugs

Green garden bugs can be removed with various natural remedies. All information:Green bedbugs, how to keep them away

- The bay leaves

If you have problems with cockroaches in your garden, bay leaves can come in handy. Bay leaves should be distributed in critical spots or near holes made by cockroaches.

- The pyrethrum

Pyrethrum is an insecticide allowed in organic farming, it is described by many bloggers as "natural", however we recommend using it with caution because its effect is wide-ranging.

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder, spray or concentrated liquid solution, to be diluted with water before use. L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based can be purchased at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a package of Solabiol Piretro Actigreen Bio is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.90 with free shipping. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon product page: Actigreen Bio Liquid solution.

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