Fertilize your lawn in the fall

Fertilize your lawn in the fall

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Fertilize the lawn in autumn it is important to keep the green coat in good condition during the cold season. And a luxuriant awakening at the return of spring. Although it may seem like a waste of effort since in winter the lawn rests and slows growth, the autumn fertilization pre-winter is a fundamental practice in lawn cultivation.

How to fertilize the lawn in autumn?

Good question. Can the nutrients be the same as we used in spring or do we have to 'correct' something? Well, for fertilize the lawn in autumn the most suitable fertilizers to use are phosphorus-based and potassium-based fertilizers. In this season it is necessary to promote the deep growth of the roots and the lateral development of the leaves, rather than the development in height.

Why phosphorus and potassium? Because phosphorus acts directly on the roots, makes them more resistant and helps them to develop in depth. In this way the lawn thickens and becomes stronger. Potassium, on the other hand, makes the leaves harder and makes them resist the cold better.

In this way, the lawn can overwinter without damage even if the winter will be freezing and full of snow. In addition, potassium, which together with phosphorus and nitrogen is one of the three fundamental macro-elements in the nourishment of all plants, plays a valuable regulating function on the nutrients and the amount of water required. So for phosphorus and potassium fertilize the lawn in autumn; let's leave the nitrogen for spring fertilization.

How to spread the fertilizer?

It depends on the size of the lawn. If the area is small, the granular fertilizer can be spread safely by hand. If, on the other hand, the lawn is large and valuable, therefore it needs a precise and not approximate fertilization, a fertilizer spreader is definitely needed. The latter is a simple tool, available in garden centers and also online (you will find an indication below), which in the slightly more 'robust' versions (recommended) can also be used for sowing and overseeding the meadow.

Fertilizer and seed spreader trolley for lawn

Anti-stress fertilizer for pre-winter lawn fertilization

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