Maintenance: the candle of the hedge trimmer

Maintenance: the candle of the hedge trimmer

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Like any mechanical component, the hedge trimmer candle also needs proper maintenance otherwise the tool may "not start".

We continue to talk about themaintenance of the hedge trimmer, an indispensable tool for the correct care of the garden. Among the works ofmaintenance of the hedge trimmer, in addition to sharpening the blades and cleaning the filters, figure la spark plug maintenance ignition.

There candle of the hedge trimmer outbreak requires interventions of maintenance targeted that go far beyond the classic cleaning. The maintenance of the candle of the hedge trimmer it must be done at least once a year. The interventions that we will see in this article are attributable to those seen for the lawnmower spark plug.

Candle hedge trimmer, the distance between the electrodes

Therecandle of the hedge trimmer, as well as that ofLawn mower, must be checked at least once a year. The monitoring must be dedicated to the distance of the electrodes which must be the one prescribed by the manufacturer, usually this is a distance between the electrodes equal to 0.5 mm.

To disassemble the lawnmower spark plug or of hedge trimmer, remove the headphones and cable from the candle and unscrew the candle with the appropriate key. The distance between the electrodes of the candle it should be measured with a metal thickness gauge and, in the event of a difference from the prescribed values, it will be necessary to manually perform an adjustment by moving the electrodes closer or away.

Measure the distance between the electrodes

Consult the manufacturer's manual to find the correct distance between the electrodes. Usually, as stated, the prescription for this distance is 0.5 mm. The measurement should be done with a metal thickness gauge like the one in the photo.

The thickness gauge shown in the photo is offered on Amazon at a price of € 5.95 with free shipping. All info: Metal thickness gauge.

- Bring the electrodes of the candle of the mower or hedge trimmer

To bring the electrodes closer, you can continue beating directly on the central electrode with extreme delicacy and using a hammer. As you strike with the hammer, monitor the rapprochement of the two electrodes.

- Move the electrodes away from the candle of the mower or hedge trimmer

Alternatively, if the two electrodes are not to be approached but apart, you can pry with a small screwdriver inserted between the two electrodes in order to move them apart.

Candle hedge trimmer, cleaning

Look at the candle and check the color of the ceramic that isolates the central electrode. In its worn state, with optimal combustion, it should appear hazelnut. If you notice carbon deposits (dark or black) you will have to clean mechanically using a wire brush to remove the incrustations. To work on the bottom edge you can use a thin wire.

Looking at thecandle, if the electrodes appear worn, this must be replaced with a model of the same thermal grade prescribed by the manufacturer.

Maintenance of the hedge trimmer

Sharpen the hedge trimmer
All the instructions for sharpening the hedge trimmer blade - valid guide to guarantee a perfect cut for both electric hedge trimmers, both for petrol hedge trimmer.
- Maintenance of the hedge trimmer filters
Guide dedicated to hedge trimmer with internal combustion engine, we are talking about fuel filter and air filter.

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