Movies with dogs: 10 not to be missed

Movies with dogs: 10 not to be missed

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Movies with dogs, to watch with your own curled up at your feet, or at your side, or dreaming of having one and settling for movies with dogs. Here are 10 fil with dogs, famous, but not to be missed. To see or to review, to know and to be inspired by.

How not to see and review Beethoven, movies with dogs of 1992 directed by Brian Levant. A classic comedy suitable for the whole family who will want to become the mistress of a mass at all costs St. Bernard dog, protagonist of the film. Big house or small house, garden or not, the desire comes after seeing the big dog at work, in three unmissable chapters, stolen by two thieves and then on the run in freedom to combine disasters.

Everything else has a "Hachiko - Your best friend". With the original title "Hachi: A Dog's Tale", shot in 2009, this American film takes us in Japan where Lasse Hallström sets the moving story of the purebred dog Akita Inu and his fidelity to the limit of the credible. From film.

We return to comedy, and we jump back several years, chasing "4 dachshunds for 1 Danish", A film born under the title" The Ugly Dachshund "in the United States, back in 1966. Directed by Norman Tokar and produced by Walt Disney, this movies with dogs it still does not stop enchanting as light-hearted and sweet as it is.

"Me & Marley", originally “Marley & Me”, is a movies with dogs taken from a book with dogs, in 2008. To direct it the Americans called David Frankel who transformed the autobiographical novel by John Grogan, of the same name, into a very funny film, thanks also to the acting of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

In 2011, a direct-to-video midquel titled Me & Marley 2 - The terrible (Marley & Me: The Puppy Years) released only for the home video market.

Exploring the universe of movies with dogs, I am enchanted by "Belle and Sébastien”Of which the second chapter is coming. Meanwhile, I recommend the first, French and delicate, of 2013. The director Nicolas Vanier he was inspired by the French drama of the same name, in black and white, and linked by the series of short stories by Cécile Aubry to bring a films with dogs and children. The theme, in fact, is friendship between a child and a Pyrenean mountain dog.

A great tenderness, which is not perceived at all in movies with dogs guy "Cujo ", impossible, however, to overlook it. In 1983 Cujo makes tremble, with the same effect as the novel of the same name signed by the very good Stephen King. This is a movies with killer dogs and Lewis Teague is good at making a good film version of the book.

After all this blood, it takes a carefree dog movie, just like "Look who's talking now!" (Look Who's Talking Now!): It is the third chapter after "Look Who's Talking" and "Look Who's Talking 2" which, however, is not movies with dogs, but only with children. Here, however, dogs also speak, and how if they speak, they also and mainly speak with John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, the main performers directed by Tom Ropelewsky.

After so many US films, we go to Mexico for the bloody "Amores perros": a masterpiece of movie with very violent dogs. If you are not impressionable, don't miss it. It also earned an Oscar nomination at the best foreign film, is also directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and it is the first chapter of his Trilogy on Death, followed by 21 grams and Babel.

We conclude with two very pleasant comedies. The first is a movies with dogs also for children, is titled "Charlie - Dogs go to heaven too”(All Dogs Go to Heaven) and is an animated film by Don Bluth, from 1989. Still intact is his charm and the magic in telling the magic, that of being the best friend of dogs. Charlie's.

We finish ours “10 movies with dogs”Marathon with a bang. With "Turner and the mess" (Turner & Hooch), not recent, from 1989, directed by Roger Spottiswoode and with the excellent Tom Hanks to be the protagonist. In this movies with dogs the story of a detective crosses, poor detective, with that of the only witness to a murder: a dog. Indeed, the big and undisciplined Dogue de Bordeaux dog, victim's own property.

Here is the story of a movies with dogs where a strong passion is born from a man - animal repulsion. Too bad that the dead man escaped, but it is not always necessary. In the movies with dogs, sometimes yes.

A category of its own should be dedicated to talking dog films. Tell me "Balto" or "101 Dalmatians", tell me "Dr Dollitle" or "Bolt", but among the movies with talking dogs I say "Garfield ”and“ Scooby Doo ”.

Garfield - The Movie (Garfield: The Movie) arrived in 2004, directed by Peter Hewitt, and is the first live action based on the comic of the same name. In the Italian edition, the cat Garfield is voiced by Fiorello and a movies with dogs which also amuses cats.

Scooby-Doo it dates back to a few years before but it is not too old and since 2002 it is a movies with dogs which always amuses even the youngest of the new generation. How to resist the clumsy charm of Scooby Doo? Raja Gosnell directs this movies with dogs:the first with live actors dedicated to the characters of Scooby-Doo animated series, made in mixed media with computer graphics and animatronics support.

So much success, easy to believe, that today there is a sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters unleashed (2004), and two prequels for television: Scooby-Doo! The mystery begins (2009) and Scooby-Doo! The curse of the lake monster (2010). There is also the quadruple box (4 DVDs) for the greedy. Because Scooby Doo is a movies with dogs that breaks, and does not tire.

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