Social Agriculture Law 2015

Social Agriculture Law 2015

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Social Agriculture Law 2015: definition of the activities of social agriculture. What is social agriculture, its advantages and who can exercise it.

That ofsocial agricultureis a strategic sector and with thelaw 2015the activities and the protagonists of this agricultural panorama are defined at national level. As often happens in the absence of regulatory reference points, in Italy, several regions have issued regulations in complete autonomy, sometimes dealing with thesocial agricultureonly for agritourism and educational farms.

With the new framework law, this heterogeneity can be overcome and even the Regions that until now have remained fasting will be able to take the field. The position of the Italian Regions with regard tosocial agriculturewas the subject of attention in the article entitledSocial farming, legislation.

Social agriculture, 2015 law

The 2015 law on social agriculture is of fundamental importance because it defines, at the national level, what is meant by social agriculture and who are the subjects who can exercise it.

With "social agriculture law 2015 ″reference is made to Law no. 141 of 18 August 2015, published in the Official Gazette, General Series n. 208 of 8 September 2015.

Within six months of the publication of the law in the Official Gazette, the Regions will have to adapt their provisions and make public the names of the recognized operators. By February 2016, the Municipalities will have to establish the appropriate methods to enhance the products from the activities recognized insocial agriculture.

The advantages of militant operators insocial agriculturethere are many, on the one hand the Minister of Economy and Finance is preparing a subsidy plan to promote social activities and on the other the products could "walk in a preferential lane"; the institutions that manage school and hospital canteens may provide for "priority criteria for the inclusion of agri-food products from social agriculture operators ".

Social farming, the definition

With the new framework law finally comes one definition which explains us that what is social agricultureand who can exercise it.

Although the definition of social agriculture the concept on which the activities of thesocial agriculture it is very old. The agricultural sector has always welcomed disadvantaged people and it is equally ancient the custom of exploiting agriculture as a functional means in recovery centers of various kinds. With the introduction ofagriculturesocialit opens up the possibility of financing projects and setting up ad hoc structures by putting the spotlight on one of the many facets of the agricultural world.

The framework law defines thesocial agriculture like:

  • an opportunity to integrate disadvantaged, disabled and minors of working age who participate in rehabilitation and social support programs into a socio-working context.
  • An opportunity to assist and support medical, psychological and rehabilitation therapies.
  • A means of developing skills and abilities for recreation and for providing useful services for the improvement of daily life.
  • Means of promoting environmental and food education, to improve the protection of biodiversity and knowledge of the territory.
  • Means for providing shelter and accommodation for preschool children and people with social and mental difficulties.

All activities related to what has just been listed fall within the concept ofsocial agriculture.

They can carry out the activities envisaged bysocial agricultureagricultural entrepreneurs and social cooperatives with a turnover exceeding 30% of the total produced by agricultural activities.

Social agriculture in Italy

Although the framework law arrived only last summer, thirteen regions out of twenty in Italy had already issued regulations aimed at regulating thesocial agriculture.

L'social agriculture in Italyit counts a thousand initiatives with an overall turnover (including sales of products and services to individuals or in agreement with public administrations) estimated at around 300 million euros. Talking aboutsocial agriculture in Italy, in the article entitledExamples of social agriculture, we have submitted to your attention the all-Italian examples of excellence, an excellent starting point for those interested in military service in this area.

Funding forsocial agriculture in Lombardy:social and educational gardens in Lombardy.

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