Pressure cooking, the advantages

Pressure cooking, the advantages

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Pressure cooking, the advantages: all benefits pressure cooking and instructions on the correct use of the pressure cooker.

Are pressure cookers dangerous?

A necessary premise for all those who are reluctant to use the pressure cookerbecause they believe it dangerous: thepressure cookingis safety and the most modern pans are equipped with safety systems that prevent the pressure from exceeding a certain limit. There is also no lack of locking systems for handles and lids that in case of danger do not allow the opening of the same pot until the excess pressure is released. Furthermore, there is no lack of digital indicators and displays that make it more practical and fasterpressure cooking. Having clarified this, let's move on tobenefits of cooking with pressure cooker.

Pressure cooking, advantages


Foods store more nutrients. In general, it can be said that the more foods reach high temperatures, the longer they are cooked and the more they lose nutrients. Foods, with thepressure cooking, are ready in less time and retain flavor, color as well as more minerals and vitamins.

Energy, water and time savings

Reduced cooking times also means energy savings, anotherbenefitnot negligible. Therepressure cookingit is much more efficient: it requires less water and shorter times guarantee the investment of less energy. Alongside energy saving there is also that of the resource of time: it will be faster to prepare food so as to have more time available to enjoy lunch or anything else.

More comfortable even in summer

The classic pots disperse thermal energy in the home environment, on the contrary, thepressure cookercollects all the color and invests it in cooking. This principle, although negligible in winter, is precious on hot summer days, when you don't want to overload the air conditioners and you want to keep the house cool.

Less cleaning

How many times has this happened to you? To me hundreds…. The water boils and, despite the lid, it splashes ... the water ends up on the hob! Between advantages of the pressure cookerthere is also this: thanks to closing the lid not even a drop of water will dirty your kitchen!

Pressure cookers are versatile

Therepressure cookercan be used for thepressure cooking, for the conservation of food and… less obvious, for thesteaming. Also in this case the foods fully preserve the nutritional properties as well as the flavor: the dishes cooked with steam do not come into direct contact with liquids but only with the steam that is created in the pressure chamber. Steaming in a pressure cooker is much faster than cooking with the basket in the classic pot. To steam in the pressure cooker you need a basket. For completeness, I refer you to examples on Amazon that carry the guarantee of the signatureLagostina. On the web and on Amazon there are other cheaper models but I advise you to buy them in real stainless steel, low quality baskets, in contact with food, could give rise to food contamination. The choice of pots must be made carefully!

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  • Accessory for Pressure Cooker Wire Basket, Stainless Steel, Diameter 22 cm for Capacity 7 Liters
  • Accessory for Grid Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, for Capacity 3.5 / 5/6/7/9 Liters

How to cook in the pressure cooker

After seeing the advantages of pressure cooking, for completeness I point out the instructions onsteamingand on the use ofpressure cooker.

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