Somali cat: price and breeding

Somali cat: price and breeding

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Somali cat, a destiny in the shadow of the Abyssinian cat that must be redeemed, and I give my contribution by telling who this cat is and how beautiful it is. Especially his fur. The Somali cat it has Australian origins, although it is often taken for American.

It is a medium-sized cat that has a wild touch in its appearance but also a very sweet and affectionate character. Many describe it simplistically as a Abyssinian cat long-haired and there are also those who argue that in a certain sense it is a genetic deviation of that breed. But the Somali cat it is a recognized breed, and how, officially.

The two animals are so similar, for the curious character, active and playful, but in the hair they are different. The Somali cat not only has it very long, but it is also one of the very few longhaired cats that does not have the shortcomings of longhaired cats. This means that it does not sow hair for the whole house: it does not lose much of it and it loses it almost all together once or twice a year. The Persian cat for example, another "enemy-friend" of the Somali cat, it constantly loses it.

Somali cat: appearance

One of the most characteristic aspects of this Somali cat, which goes from 4 kg of the female to 6 kg of the male, is undoubtedly the hair. In addition to being long, it is characterized by the so-called "ticking" effect. This means that every single hair has a base color, interrupted by two or three bands of darker pigment and always ends with the dark tip.

Every Somali cat it shows its definitive color towards the age of two, it starts dark and then it lightens, leaving the dark streaks on the back so particular as to make it unique. The color of these marks depends on the base tint.

There are those "basic" said Usual or Ruddy - reddish brown with dark tips and black legs and back of the hind limbs - and then the more original ones including Sorrel, Blue, Fawn and Silver. A Somali cat, whatever its color, it must not have, except in a very limited quantity, white areas on the chin and on the muzzle.

Together with the coat, the tail is also showy and characteristic in the Somali cat: fluffy and soft, long enough to make it deserve the nickname of "Fox cat". In addition to the tail, the hair of the Somali cat it is also abundant on the neck and on the thighs, the muzzle is also decorated with large ears and shows a traditional “M” streak on the forehead.

The eyes of the Somali cat they seem made up for the outline they show, dark, the body is slender but robust and muscular, the back is slightly arched so that the Somali cat it always seems there to take a leap.

Somali cat: origins

The race of the Somali cat it has been official since 1978, in 1982 it took its current name but has its origins in the post-war period. At the end of the Second World War, in fact, the abyssinian cat it had practically disappeared from circulation and it seems that, in an attempt to "reconstruct" its pedigree, this Somali cat came up.

In fact, it has happened, or at least many claim it, that some cats carry the recessive longhair gene have managed to become part of the population gene pool. They were cats with softer and longer fur that stood out. The referee, cat race, who requested the recognition of the breed was Ken McGill, and it is his Mayling Tutsuta the first official Somali cat. Of Australian nationality.

Somali cat: character

Like the Abyssinian, the Somali cat has a delightful character, very sociable and in need of attention and pampering. He loves being in the company of humans, too, and only females, and only occasionally, are resentful when it comes to living with other animals.

Even with children and playful owners, the Somali cat he is patient and does not show aggressive traits, in general when he goes around the house he is cheerful and very curious. Even too much! In fact, his is a continuous search for something to discover: this is also because the Somali cat she is intelligent and lively, she loves climbing and jumping, analyzing and smelling what she finds around. On the other hand it is not noisy and never meows, and after a wild childhood then he calms down and becomes more manageable even if he does not lose his beautiful desire to explore the world.

Speaking of the world, the Somali cat it fits into the apartment but if it can have a garden to venture into, it is certainly much happier. For those who cannot offer it, I recommend creating an outlet for this lively feline, in which to vent its vivacity.

Somali cat: care

One of the first things to look out for if you have a Somali cat is that you don't get fat. Keeping him under control, then, and not letting him eat from our table, he certainly takes advantage of it. The hair of the Somali cat, so soft and silky, it does not require excessive care: a not too energetic weekly pass with a horsehair brush and every now and then with a wide tooth comb where the hair is thicker. The ears they must be cleaned, only if necessary, with a specific product and the nails trimmed with special scissors.

Somali cat: breeding

It is not an ordinary cat, the somali cat, and the farms that deal with it are not common, at least in Italy. There are less than 10, on the web there are 3 in Lombardy, one in Trentino and one in Piedmont. There will be a few others and often they don't breed just the Somali cat but he and some of his colleagues.

Somali cat: price

The price of a Somali cat starts from 600 euros, if you want a puppy but intended for "home use". As a company, therefore, without any pretension to register for competitions. If, on the other hand, our goal is to dedicate ourselves to a life of exposure to exposure, a Somali cat that can win and make us happy can also cost 1500 euros. In both cases, the help and advice of a veterinarian to accompany us in the purchase is recommended.

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