Warts: natural remedies

Warts: natural remedies

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Warts, natural remedies: traditional treatments and alternative cures to eliminate warts. Causes and contagion.

Thewartsare caused by thehuman papilloma virus of the dei familyPapillomaviridae. Human papilloma virus infections are widespread and among the most common are those of the skin and mucous membranes.

There are many human papilloma viruses (to be exact, there are 120) and some of these can also cause important infections such as the case ofpapilloma virus.

Warts: Causes

When the virus penetrates the epidermis and infects it. The virus causes an excessive speed of cell replication which goes to form the wart.

Thewartsthey are benign formations, consisting of a nucleus of internal tissue supplied with blood vessels and lined with epithelial tissue.

Warts: contagion

Are warts contagious?
As this is a viral infection, the warts they are contagious.

The infection it can occur by surface contact. The places most at risk are gyms, swimming pools, showers, public saunas, Turkish baths and spas where the hot and humid climate favors the survival of the virus in an active form.

Only a warm and humid environment can guarantee the survival of the virus outside the skin layers. If there are any on your bodymicrolesions, the virus will easily nest and induce theformation of warts.

Warts: cures

Thewartsthey can develop in any area of ​​the body even if the virus is often localized in specific areas such as feet, elbows and knees, in fact these are the areas at the highest risk of micro-injuries.

When it comes totreat warts, according to industry experts, nonetreatmentshows a chance of success greater than 73%.

Between warts treatment proposed by traditional medicine there is:

  • cryotherapy,
  • surgical removal,
  • intralesional injections of interferon,
  • administration of broad spectrum antivirals,
  • laser therapy.

There is no shortage of ointments and sprays on the market that promise to get rid of wartseven if their full effectiveness is not always guaranteed. Often, warts creams ease the problem but fail to completely eliminate it.

Among the various products on the market, we point out a pharmaceutical proposal that has very positive opinions among those who have used it forget rid of warts. This is the product "Freeze Warts by Scholl". At least 10 applications are required.

The product in question can be found in pharmacies or on Amazon, where it is offered at a price of 18.63 euros and free shipping costs.

For all information on the product, please refer to the official Amazon page: Freeze Scholl. It is an antiviral spray, which should stop the activity of the virus and break down the cells that form the thickening of thewart.

In this article we will point out the most effective natural remedies for get rid of warts referring to the classics grandmother's remedies that have a scientific explanation.

Warts: natural remedies

If you understand how theinfectionof thewarts, you already know that before you try any of these natural remedies you will have to wear a pair of gloves! Othersnatural remedies are available in the article entitled:corns and warts on the feet.

Fig latex

The latex that flows from fig leaves (Ficus carica, or common fig) is rich in enzymesamylase and proteasewhich have a caustic and proteolytic action on warts. It is irritating and irritating to the skin, so it should only be used on the area affected bywart. Among the other properties of latex and fig leaves I point out those emmenagogues, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and digestive. Good grandmother! :)

Vitamin E

Between natural remedies there is the local application of oily preparations based on vitamin E. If you have Vitamin E supplements at home, you can reduce them to powder and dissolve them in macadamia oil to be applied directly to thewart. Vitamin E would lead to a gradual regression of the wart by improving the healing capacity of the skin.

Basil pesto

With thisnatural remedythe antiviral properties of basil are exploited. Pound some basil leaves and apply them onwartwith a bandage to keep all day. Do this every day for two weeks.


It is the favorite grandmother's remedy! The dandelion is widely used in a multitude ofnatural remedies, to know more:dandelion, properties. Again you should apply it on thewartthe milky substance extracted from dandelion stems.

How to get rid of warts with a chemical peel

Thechemical peelis a technique employed inaesthetic medicineto neutralize blemishes and skin imperfections.

Among the most used agents is theTCA, trichloroacetic acid. It is a product to be used with some caution and attention. Generally, tca-based products to eliminate corns, scars, leeks, spots and warts are supplied with a specific applicator: the product must be selectively applied only on the area to be treated.

When using this product, read the information leaflet and adhere to the doses and treatment period described on the package. Not many TCA-based products are titled for eliminate warts.

To purchase, you can contact your trusted pharmacist or, even in this case, take advantage of the online purchase: on Amazon the Master Aid Crioline product with applicator is offered at a price of about 18 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The product should be used with caution and with only two applications per day for 4 days. After the fourth day you should wait 48 - 56 hours to see improvement and if so wart had not completely disappeared, repeat the treatment with other applications, always not exceeding four days in a row.

We recommend the use of trichloroacetic acid only if the othersremedies for wartshad not had the desired effect.

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