How to clean the iron plates

How to clean the iron plates

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How to clean the iron plates: remedies to clean the iron and the plates from the most stubborn stains. Anti-limescale and anti-stain remedies to polish the plates and clean the iron.

Often, if an item of clothing is not ironed well, it is not the fault of the hand of the person holding the iron but of its plates. To have a state of the art ironing, the iron must be properly maintained.

The plates of theironreach high temperatures and contact with water and steam can cause limestone deposits and dirt of various kinds. Freshly washed clothing items may contain traces of detergents and other washing chemicals which, upon contact with the hot plate create further deposits…. in short, anything can be deposited on the iron plates! This is why it is important to clean it periodically, so as to prevent dirt deposits from turning into millenary mineral deposits :).

Products for cleaning the plates of the iron

Among the home remedies those dedicated to cleaning the iron plates they are really numerous. We can say goodbye to classic detergents, even if there is no shortage of ad hoc products on the market.

Among the specific products for cleaning the plates there aresitck whose use is very simple: just rub them on the plate to be cleaned and then remove the residues with a dry microfibre cloth. The sticks give off a terrible smell of ammonia which is not only unpleasant but inhalation is not even safe for our health. To clean the plates of the iron you can use the classic dish detergent or, again, there are specific wipes for cleaning the plate. They are difficult to find on the market, even these are easy to use: they get wet, form a very light foam, pass on the iron and remove the dirt. These wipes should be used after each use of the iron in order to have the plates always shiny and clean. The Impregnated Iron Cleaner Wipes are offered on Amazon at a price of 3.29 euros with free shipping.

Also on the market, an interesting Iron Plate Cleaner and Burnt Removal Paste is available, among all the products for cleaning the plateit is the most suitable because it is non-toxic and at least it does not harm health.

How to clean the plates of the iron, do it yourself remedies

The products on the market are just one of the possibilities we have. One of the most popular home remedies for cleaning iron plates is vinegar. How to proceed? Heat a cup of white vinegar, when it is hot add a spoonful of table salt, stir and melt. Use this solution to rub with a rough sponge on the plates. Dry with a soft cloth. Warning! Use a rough but not abrasive sponge!

One of grandma's remedies to clean the iron plates is to soak a cork in warm vinegar and then rub the cork on the cold plate.

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