Elderly dogs: disorders and diseases

Elderly dogs: disorders and diseases

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Older dogs, because time passes for everyone, even for our 4-legged friends. Despite our careful care, despite one balanced diet, regular physical activity, a good relationship with the owner, us, and carrying out routine checks at the vet.

Age advances and i older dogs they need a particular eye with respect to some pathologies and disorders, let's see which ones. The important thing is to pay attention to what happens to our dog and keep an eye on the "symptoms" of old age. A few more white hairs, slow mobility, the collapse of enthusiasm in the playful and social activities of the dog, dense in the gardens and in the playgrounds. For example.

Older dogs: feeding

Long life for those who eat well: it is not new but i older dogs they must eat well, varying many different foods. It is up to us to find the right combination so as not to make our friend wrinkle his "nose" while keeping him healthy and in strength.

With i older dogs we have to deal with the slowing of the metabolism, a reason for obesity and consequent shorter life expectancy. To each master of older dogs it is recommended to re-take out the scale for one control weight, because the idea is to face the damage that can be created without discipline and even to stimulate the dog to move, perhaps with softer activities that do not strain him too much.

Older dogs: oral hygiene

Eat well, yes, essential for weight and energy, but also for breath and mouth hygiene. If thedental care of the dog is not good if you fear that moles will emerge older dogs people with dental diseases and gingivitis and infections of the oral cavity that are not treated can also delay other vital parameters.

Older dogs: arthritis

Those who have a grandmother or a close relative are well aware of how arthritis is the cause of painful sacrifices. The joints begin to see how difficult and painful each movement is, the vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs which will improve the quality of life.

Older dogs: sight

The sight of the older dogs it is reduced and cataracts can get worse. Nothing serious but it is better to intervene before this problem comes to cloud the vision. Always on the eyes of the older dogs the problem of keratoconjunctivitis sicca, but it mostly affects dog breeds with bulging eyes like it Shih-Tzu and the Pekingese.

Older dogs: kidneys

Predictable is the fact that many older dogs are subject to kidney diseases but to diagnose them it is necessary to contact the appropriate centers. There is also the problem of bladder stones: abdominal radiographs are able to diagnose formation and size in time.

Older dogs: heart

In the older dogs it may happen that something is decided regarding the thickening and irregularities of the heart valves and or the abnormal blood flow and enlargement of the heart muscle. With appropriate drug therapy, all problems can be solved.

Older dogs: diabetes

Returning tosupply, in older dogs there are problems related to it even if not always avoidable with good behavior in front of the bowl. Insulin resistance or low insulin production can be managed with the appropriate therapies and diet, with the methods, times and doses indicated by the veterinarian based on the individual case.

Older dogs: behavior

THE older dogs they can also register cognitive dysfunctions and behavioral disturbances. For example, with the years that pass our animal friends, they can become more irritable forgetting all that discipline that we have been trying to instill for months. But they are dogs, and life ahead, black or not.

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