Corgi: character and price

Corgi: character and price

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Corgi, a Welsh dog born as a shepherd but now very popular as a pet. On the other hand, he kept company, and he is not for everyone, at Queen Elizabeth II. In fact it is known in Italy more as "Queen's dog" that with the name of "Welsh CorgiWhich would then be his name.

There are two breeds of Corgi, the "Cardigan" and the "Pembroke". Let's get to know both, they are official as breeds and belong to the category of Cattle.

Corgi Pembroke

The Corgi Pembroke it is the oldest breed and has a red color, but it is also found in sand, fawn, black and tan and tricolor. In size, he is a small dog, although at work he does a lot and never gets tired. At the withers the male measures about 25-30 cm and the female a little less, the average weight ranges from 12-14 kg of the male to 11-13 kg of the female, both have a characteristic fox head, rather short legs and uncropped tail, because it can no longer be worn, but carried on the back.

The Corgi Pembroke it is not a dog that needs particular care, not even the hair which is short and with a dense undercoat that insulates from damp and cold. Being a working dog, the Corgi Pembroke it is difficult to tire but it is not one of those animals that have to be taken out until they have their tongues under their feet. He is fine even if he takes a stroll every now and then, in company.

By nature, the Corgi Pembroke he is lively, curious and very intelligent, as well as a shepherd dog, he was also an excellent hunter of mice and rabbits and sometimes even pheasants and partridges, he excels in obedience and agility tests and remains by nature a good watchdog.

Corgi Cardigan

The Cardigan version is smaller and was born later, in a day of crossbreeding and selection, born from the awareness that the dog Corgi he was becoming more and more a companion than a shepherd or guard. The turning point came when it arrived in the hands and rooms of Queen Elizabeth. The race Cardigan Crosses it was officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1934 which meant it was its own breed and not a variant of the Corgi Pemboke.

Also for the Corgi Cardigan, the appearance is that of the fox, in the muzzle, while the colors are all allowed except white, the hair is short or medium length, hard. The size is a little smaller than the other breed of Corgi, but we are not in the presence of a very small dog, it just fits more into the apartment.

Of character, he is already very suitable: he is cheerful and sociable, never aggressive, also suitable for children, extremely eclectic. They are not dogs that are spiteful but, indeed, they stand out because polite and clean.

Welsh Corgi (Welsh Corgi)

Despite the two races, to be told, it must be said that the Corgi he is primarily a Welsh dog. It is still unclear whether the Corgi whether he arrived in Wales or was born there and is an indigenous breed, but certainly his place of origin, of the heart, is this region. There are some experts who claim it was imported by the Vikings but others are quick to swear that the Corgi was born and raised in Wales.

In its official breed name there is the prefix "Welsh" which shamelessly means "Welsh". And then, as proof, the Welsh name of Pembroke is "Ci Sodli", which means hock, habit of biting the hocks of cows. This nice detail brings us back to the first task of the Welsh Corgi which is that of shepherd of cows.

In his Welsh times only the Corgi in fact he led the herd to pasture, watching them at night, and fished the specimens that had gone away. When it was market day, the Corgi accompanied the herd along the way. Always when he was only Welsh, before the great royal fame, this dog had a different appearance but the exact same disposition.

At the time this Welsh Corgi it had different appearances and even different dimensions, then it was transformed. The fame, as mentioned, came following its introduction in the English royal rooms. In 1933, the then Duke of York, later King George VI, bought a puppy of this breed, Rozavel Golden Eagle, to give it to his daughter Elizabeth (future queen Elizabeth II). Little Elisabetta fell in love with her and the whole world with her: she followed her, and the Corgi became one of the most desired small apartment dogs, also thanks to her extreme sympathy.

Corgi Puppies

Nice and lively, very intelligent, but this does not mean that the Corgi. Better if as a puppy we get used to interpreting ourselves as someone who asks because his strong temperament requires a pulse. When we choose a puppy, it is advisable to prefer one that has brown eyes and a head similar to that of the fox as possible. Then let us remember that right from the start he must be used to obeying, without malice but not firmness

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