Cast iron cookware, properties and uses

Cast iron cookware, properties and uses

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Cast iron cookware: properties, uses and information on the best cast iron cookware. Cooking methods and safety in the kitchen.

After the scandal ofteflon,toxic substance contained in some non-stick pans, doubts arise about pots commonly used in the kitchen:cast iron pans are bad? We answer immediately: thecast iron cookwarethey can be considered safe if coated with an enameled layer free of toxic substances.

The enameled cast iron pots they are very versatile in the kitchen, they can be used for cooking in the oven, on the gas stove, on the barbecue and on the induction cooker.

All the cast iron cookware do they work on induction cookers?
Yes, cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy, the materials suitable for cooking on an induction cooker.

Thecast iron cookwarethat "they hurt”Are those coated with a toxic non-stick layer. This is why, before purchasing, it is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer's warranties.

Thecast iron cookwarethey can interface with healthy cooking: they retain heat optimally and spread it slowly, distributing it perfectly evenly regardless of the hob used. Thanks to hisproperty, thecast iron cookwareallow you to switch off the stove in advance and finish cooking food with the fire off.

Which cooking method are cast iron pots suitable for?
As stated, these are very versatile pots. They are well suited for:

  • baking in the oven
  • grilling
  • for roasting
  • for grilling
  • to caramelize
  • soups
  • soups
  • stews
  • braised

Since thecast iron cookwarethey accumulate a lot of heat, they are perfect for prolonged cooking over low heat. Theenameled cast iron potsthey are considered extremely safe for health.

Cast iron pans, the disadvantages

Having listed the advantages of cooking with cast iron cookware, let's see the disadvantages.

Amongdisadvantagesof cast iron cookware we see the cleaning: before wash cast iron pots it is necessary to wait for them to cool otherwise they risk causing a fracture by thermal shock. Otherdownsideof thecast iron cookwarelies in the weight: cast iron has a high specific weight so, cast iron kitchen utensils are heavy and unwieldy. Forwash the cast iron pots and pansit is recommended to use very small quantities ofsurfactants(detergents) to prevent the coating from deteriorating. During washing, absolutely to be avoided are steel wool pads (even if in very fine wool) and abrasive sponges. To remove any food residue, the use of anti-scratch sponges to be used with natural detergents is recommended.

To better protect the coating layer of thecast iron cookware, before placing them in the cupboard, we advise you to grease the surface in contact with food with a couple of drops of olive oil.

With the increase ofawarenessin the kitchen, about the healthiest cooking methods and materials to avoid, thecast iron cookwarehave enjoyed considerable success and are back in the limelight: there is no shortage of them on the marketcast iron pots and panswith handles coated with insulating materials so as to avoid the use of pot holders or oven gloves. The insulating handles are very useful for handling pots that are heavier in themselves.

Amongdisadvantageswe report the trend ofcast ironto absorb odors: cast iron is a porous material and absorbs food odors, this could be a problem if you have just grilled fish! In this case, to eliminate the bad smell from cast iron casseroles, it is recommended to boil a little water containing a glass of vinegar or, alternatively, a few teaspoons of baking soda.

When cooking, care must be taken to use metal utensils which could scratch and damage the coating of thecast iron pot.

To compare prices, performances and models of casseroles and cast iron cookware, we refer you to the official Amazon page: Cast iron cookware. Among the most expensive (and refined) are the French cast iron pots, the cast iron cookwareCreuset and the Agnelli cast iron pots.

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