Growing chrysanthemums, the complete guide

Growing chrysanthemums, the complete guide

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Grow chrysanthemums: varieties, pot cultivation, cultivation needs, chrysanthemum pruning and propagation.

The term chrysanthemumis Greek and literally means Gold flower. Thechrysanthemumis counted among the plants awinter flowering. They are known asthe flowers of the deadbut there are really many varieties with marked differences. There are about 200 species including annual, perennial, herbaceous and bushy, the genusChrysanthemumit includes pompom flowers, with small or large corolla, multiple or single… Thechrysanthemum cultivationit is possible both in pots and in open fields.

Chrysanthemum, flowering

Being a genus that has about 200 species, it is important to underline that the period of flowering it is equally varied: in the garden you can have themchrysanthemumscolored from late spring to the arrival of frost.

Grow chrysanthemum in pots or in the garden

In this paragraph we will report the needs of thechrysanthemumvalid for both cultivation in pots, both for open field cultivation. The rules to follow for the cultivation of chrysanthemumsare simple to follow:

Soil for chrysanthemums

This plant is versatile and adapts well to almost any type of soil, the ideal soil is neutral or slightly acidic pH. Well drained and enriched with well decomposed manure. The soil must be kept moist but without water stagnation.

For thecultivation in pots, use soil made up of three equal parts of common soil from your garden, sand and potting soil for flowering plants.

If you don't grow thechrysanthemum in vaseand the soil of your garden is slightly alkaline, there are no problems but in the case of excessively clayey soil it should be lightened with sand.

Where to grow chrysanthemums in the garden or on the balcony of the house

For planting, choose a place exposed in full sun. For both pot and open field cultivation, mulch to protect the soil from evaporation in summer and protect the roots from the cold in winter.

How to fertilize chrysanthemums

Who grows in jar will have to repeat the fertilizations every 10 days during the summer, while those who grow in the open field can limit themselves to feeding fertilizer only a couple of times a year.

For the cultivation in pots, feed the plants from spring onwards.

Which fertilizer to use? If you have to buy a fertilizer it is better if you choose a specific fertilizer for flowering plants

Among the various organic fertilizers for flowering plants, I point out the "NutriOne" fertilizer which provides a balanced nutrient profile in line with the needs of flowering plants,chrysanthemumsincluded. On Amazon, the aforementioned fertilizer can be bought with € 12.80 and free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page "NutriOne Liquid fertilizer“.

If you already have any old fertilizers purchased at home, read the label: any balanced fertilizer will do, so if you have a universal one with a balanced balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, use that too!

Chrysanthemum, pruning:when to trim chrysanthemums

The need fortopping the chrysanthemumswas born following the flowering. The chrysanthemums, when they have faded, can be recovered and placed back in the garden. After flowering, at the end of the month, shorten the stems bringing the plant back to a length of about 20 cm.

This is the only precaution to follow to prepare the plant for the coldest period of winter.When to crop chrysanthemums?When the flowers are completely dried.

It is necessarytopping the chrysanthemumsotherwise the following year, even the most floriferous variety will produce only little inflorescences.

How to prune chrysanthemums

Not everyone knows that chrysanthemums must also be pruned, even in this case it will be necessary to shorten the height of the plant. Pruning should be done twice a year, in late May and mid-August. For all information, please refer to the article - guide how to prune chrysanthemums in pots or in the garden.On this page you will find details abouthow to protect chrysanthemums from the cold.

The propagation of chrysanthemums

There are autumn and perennial varieties. THEchrysanthemumsperennials are very long-lived, in your garden they could last for over two decades but on one condition: chrysanthemums fear excessive density.

Many herbaceous plants can be multiplied by dividing the clod but this is not the case with chrysanthemums where it will be necessary to thin out the plants by uprooting them very gently.

Thin out the plants and transfer the recovered chrysanthemums in pots or in a new area of ​​the flower bed. Alternatively, thin out by eliminating the less lively plant.

Chrysanthemum disease

Thechrysanthemum it is a very resistant plant, when the plant does not receive adequate care, however, it is exposed to some diseases, in particular it can be attacked by mites or rust. If you notice achrysanthemum with dry leavesand before with the formation of red-orange pustules, you will have to intervene with a copper-based product.

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