Canaan Dog: character and breeding

Canaan Dog: character and breeding

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Canaan Dog, a race that comes from Israel and of still mysterious origins. Instead, it is clear that the Cannan dog he adores his master and has a delightful temperament, is easy to train and shows himself athletic and muscular. The breed belongs to the category of spitz type dogs and of the primitive type, dogs spread all over the world and which from area to area have developed very different physical and character characteristics. Even with common ancestors. The Cannan dog however, he has in common with his group that he is a friendly dog and well disposed towards humans, with a very strong social drive like all primitive dogs.

Canaan dog: origins

Mysterious origins, those of Canaan dog, but we know it comes from Palestine and that in the mix from which the dog we know today was born there are certainly the Australian dingo and the Collie. It is a type dog wolfhound, the Canaan dog, and before they were merged, there were two versions, the "Dingo type" and the "Collie type".

During the two world wars, and unfortunately frequent conflicts in his homeland, the Canaan dog he acted as a relay, with excellent results, or he carried messages and orders. In war the breed was also used to search for the wounded. In 1953 the Israeli Kennel Club first approved its standard by electing it on Canaan dog he national race of Israel, shortly thereafter, in 1970 was born the first breeding and so on even if today it is still a little known dog in Europe even if it begins to make itself known in England and in the United States, especially in California.

Canaan dog: I wait

The Canaan dog it is a medium sized dog, with an average height of 50-60 cm and a weight between 18 and 25 kg, although there is a lot of difference between male and female, and the former tends to be quite massive. His physique is square, the skull is a bit flat and the well balanced body, strong, similar to that of a wild dog.

When seen moving, he is very well proportioned, has a solid and robust gait, very quick, light, but full of energy. The nose of the Canaan dog is black, dark brown eyes, slightly slanting, almond-shaped, ears straight, broad, slightly rounded, feet strong, round like cat feet. And we will see that he also has a bit of being feline in his character.

The tail of the Canaan dog, with high set, it is very hairy and curled on the back, on the rest of the body the hair is hard and straight, short or of medium length, with an abundant undercoat. As for the colors, those allowed are the shades from sand to brown red, and then white, black or speckled, with or without a mask.

All allowed colors can have a black mask, always symmetrical, and white spots, but they are not from Canaan dog colors such as gray, striped, black and tan, tricolor. The most frequent specimens, although rare is the dog itself, are sand-desert, golden, red or cream.

Canaan dog: character

The typical feature of the Canaan dog it is his extraordinary devotion to his master. Yes, the breed is that of a very docile dog and quite easy to educate, unlike others in its own group. The Canaan dog he differs and also stands out for his prompt reactions and in front of strangers he does not hesitate to show himself distrustful, immediately putting himself on the defensive but never, ever being aggressive. It is not in the nature of the Canaan dog.

It has a character vigilant 24 hours a day, protective, faithful, obedient and adores the home, as well as the host family. There are those who approach him as a character to cats, and he is actually a bit of a dog wild and temperamental, with a strong initial distrust of strangers and with the confidentiality that he always retains a little, not even becoming excessively clingy with time.

Canaan dog: breeding

Little widespread in Europe, we said, the Canaan dog in Italy it is really reduced to being a niche dog, for now, and there are very few if not a single breeding, apart from private individuals from which you can find them with a thousand precautions. In general the Canaan dog he is a working and sporting dog and comes naturally to him, he does not need to be particularly trained.

The guard and the defense of the master succeed him more than well, instead on the obedience of the Canaan dog you have to work from an early age, starting with enduring the leash against which he willingly and insistently rebels, but then when he accepts it, he no longer argues, being docile and devoted to you masters. Before looking for breeding and throwing yourself on this dog, it is better to understand well how to deal with it because the Canaan dog although docile and trainable, it is definitely not a "dog for everyone".

Canaan dog: puppies

It is not an ordinary puppy, that of the Canaan dog, but it is a puppy not a puppy. It is not the hair ball without character, malleable and "cuddly" but this dog immediately knows his stuff. It immediately shows itself with the wild character of the adult Canaan dog, suspicious of everything and everyone, perpetually alert, always ready to go into hiding. To understand and "dissolve" the mistrust of these puppies it takes time and commitment, patience and a bit of cunning.

But let's not delude ourselves that we are facing the classic "puppy for children", Only if as a child we know how to treat it then it will become a reward for you masters of Canaan dog, a serene, collaborative adult. And that for us it will be ready for any canine, animal, worldwide enterprise.

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