Winter flowering bulbous

Winter flowering bulbous

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Winter flowering bulbous: the list of bulbs that bloom in winter and advice on planting winter bulbs.

THEwinter flowering bulbsare those bulbs that must be planted in summer. Talking about bulbs that bloom in winter and summer bulbs we refer to the same plants: in other words, bulbs planted in late summer bloom in winter! Those who aim for a flower garden all year round and find themselves in difficulty in the colder months, may find the page dedicated toPlants that bloom in winter.

The planting of summer bulbs

The planting ofbulbous winter flowering plantstakes place towards the end of the summer. Based on the seasonal climatic trend, the planting of bulbs that bloom in winter can be anticipated by a week, as soon as the temperatures begin to drop slightly.

The depth and width of the planting hole varies according to the species to be planted. In general we can say that the width of the planting hole must be about twice the diameter of the bulb. How deep should the hole be? To plant the bulbs, you need to dig a hole 1.5 or 2 times the height of the bulb.

To better manage the flower beds of bulbous plants and have flowering bulbs every season I recommend you read the article dedicated toflower beds of bulbous plantswhere I explain how to cultivate i flower bulbs in underground boxes to be changed according to the desired flowering.

Winter flowering bulbs

Betweenbulbs that bloom in winterstands out thebell, botanically known asLeucojum vernum. It is a perennial plant of the Amaryllidaceae family that offers its characteristic white flowers in the cold period of the year. Be careful when buying: there are winter-flowering and summer-flowering varieties.

The summer bulbs (ie planted in summer) bloom between September and March, then they go to drain the garden in autumn and winter. It is rare to talk aboutbulbous winter flowering plantsbecause these are almost the same as seen in the article dedicated to bulbs with autumn flowering: just choose late or long flowering varieties to have the flower beds colored until spring arrives.

Between bulbs that bloom in winter,especially between the months of January and March, we see:

  • Amaryllis belladonna
    Commonly called Amaryllis, it is a bulbous that is particularly resistant to frost and snow. It blooms in autumn and winter, based on the climatic trend and the geographical area to which it belongs.
  • Chionodoxa
    It has small star flowers in different colors: pure white, blue or pink with a white center.
  • Eranthis
    Popular for its six-petaled yellow flowers. It is noted not only for the flowers but also for its leaves which resemble a large lobed chalice carried by a reddish scape.
  • Galanthus
    It may commonly known assnowdrop. Its small white bell-shaped flowers are famous for popping up in the snow during the coldest days of the year.
  • Iris
    Some varieties are winter flowering. The flowers have three petals falling outwards and three internal petals. Given the popularity of this plant, there are several hybrids with the most disparate colors.
  • Muscaris
    Depending on the variety, it has blue, purple or white flowers.
  • Scylla
    It has slender white or pink flowers. It blooms towards the end of winter.

For theflower bulbswhich bloom between September and December, we refer you to the article dedicated to the bulbs to be planted in summer. All information is available on the page:bulbous plants with autumn flowering.

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