Gattaiola: cat flap

Gattaiola: cat flap

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Cat flap, the name says it, it suggests it, but let's clarify that it is a door, of the cat door, of their small opening often placed at the bottom of the doors for us humans. Since ancient times, when humans and cats began sharing domestic spaces, there has been cat flap and the first appeared on the wooden doors not so much of the houses themselves but of the cellars.

A cat flap in those cases it allowed the passage of the house cat but went to oppose the proliferation of rodents in the premises where the family's food reserves were often kept. Now the cat flap it no longer has that anti-rodent character, indeed it is often used anti-wild cat or anti-foreign intrusion in general, but it remains positioned in the same way, with appropriate technological changes that we will see and be amazed by.

I myself, who to date despite having two different twin cats, Tari and Tasi, I am not equipped with cat flap, I was left open-mouthed in front of certain tricks very from cybergatto that I did not imagine.

Even before that, I was surprised to learn that the invention of the cat flap is attributed by many to Isaac Newton. Yes, curiously, but - let's take it with a grain of salt - it would be the same brain that discovered the physical law of universal gravitation, to have thought of a mechanism like the cat flap for your domestic cats. Legend has it that he would have made two holes in his bedroom door, a smaller one for the kitten and a larger one for the mother cat. Guess how they closed? Thanks to force of gravity.

Gattaiola: what it is

Today the cat flap it is an opening for cats applied to the door or to a perimeter wall that gives them the opportunity to freely enter and exit the owners' home. In Italy it is not yet very widespread, but it is in the United Kingdom, for example, where even domestic cats are not mammon and 90% have access to the outside of the house with autonomy and freedom, serenely.

In Anglo-Saxon jargon, the cat flap it is said cat flap (British English), word attested since 1957, or cat door, attested in 1959, overseas the habit of installing and using it is equally developed, but with the nice name of kitty door. Always of cat flap it is, let's not be fooled by exotic names. There is also wanting for dogs, but in that case obviously in addition to not being called anymore cat flap, it also has different sizes.

Cat flap: how it works

There cat flap it has a trap door opening, suggested by the noun flap. It is a movable hatch that closes after allowing the animal to pass through, originally the closing of the cat flap it took place with a recall force which, in the simplest cases, was that of gravity. In the presence of rain, wind or air currents, however, this mechanism could cause a noisy oscillation, annoying even for drafts or infiltrations of humidity.

So here is that the cat flap it begins to evolve and from a simple hatch with hinge it becomes something more. The first step is the use of a permanent magnet and then an adjustable stop able to limit the possibility of access in a single direction, from, or towards, the outside. This openness begins to take on character.

The most sophisticated models of cat flap today they have a electromagnetic latch that he selects at the entrance: it is in fact able to recognize the permanent magnet that we can insert into our pet's collar so that he can enter comfortably but not others. And who owns more than one cat? How do you manage this magnetic comings and goings without locking anyone out of the cat flap?

Technology comes to the aid of the cats, it is there cat flap is equipped with infrared sensors, cats are equipped with infrared transmitter that emits the right code, and here is that the opening responds only to the hosts without leaving a way out for infiltrators. Feline and not.

Of course, the limitation of the collar: our cats to be recognized must somehow wear the sensor and the collar for the moment is the simplest and least expensive way, as well as less physically impacting. An alternative exists, thanks to the RFID technology with a system that regulates access capable of reading a microchip implanted under the skin. Off with the collar!

If we have cats that are particularly hunters or mischievous, what a hand to make us "gifts" and surprises such as lizards and sparrows brought into the house as prey, and then maybe hide them under the carpets, it is possible to set up a cat flap with webcam with image recognition software.

Cat flap: how to teach your cat to use it

Given all the most advanced models of cat flap, now even the most developed technology has to deal with the most developed feline distrust. The cat is usually not willing to meet us in our need to have a cat flap to avoid wide open doors and entry of rodents or wild cats, he wants to be comfortable.

Scold him if he doesn't use the cat flap it is quite useless, I suggest a rewarding strategy that in general gives greater satisfaction with these animals. A tasty tidbit when using the cat flap it can be a good start for an individualistic but cooperative cat.

In order not to give our friend a feeling of captivity, we can start installing the cat flap but always leaving it open by holding the door with a wire or a clothespin. As the cat becomes familiar with this opening just for him, you can gradually lower the level of the door until it is normally closed. In this way the feline could better digest the cat flap.

Better still if this "strange contraption" becomes one sort of game. With prizes for those who pass through it: they could taste it and take it for a pastime, a passage from the circle of fire, a challenge to its agility, rewarded by pampering and small meatballs.

Gattaiola: where to buy it

On line there are numerous models of cat flaps, from the simplest to the most complex equipped with various safety accessories and for fun. Staying on the simplest models, taking into account how this novelty is widespread in our country and how it is welcomed by our cats, I suggest this cat flap for big cats from Staywell. You can see it in the image above., Transparent and with a low visual impact.

Alternatively take a look at another model of cat flap of the same brand, much appreciated among cat owners. It's about a more advanced cat flap with 4 closing possibilities and even a wooden decoration., for cats even of large dimensions and with a certain aesthetic sense to satisfy.

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