Affenpinscher: appearance, weight, height and character

Affenpinscher: appearance, weight, height and character

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Affenpinscher, combines “affen”, which in German means “monkeys”, and “pinscher” translated simply with “terrier” so what breed it is is quite intuitive and also its nationality. L'Affenpinscher he is a dog of German origin, officially recognized by the FCI, but not very well known at home, perhaps a little more overseas but to date we cannot say that it is depopulated.

Let's get to know him better by finding out origins, appearance, features, character and much more.

Affenpinscher: origin

Origins in Germany, we said, betrayed by his name in language (Affenpinscher), but in that area it is not widespread and well known at all, and not even in the adjacent countries.

Its name is linked to the ape-like appearance with which it has always struck the imagination of us humans who, in part we adore it, in part we hate it for its characteristic face. On the real origin of this breed, theAffenpinscher, there are various hypotheses. Reasoning for morphological similarity, many associate this breed with the “Griffoncino of Belgium”And it could be a credible way, but there is no lack of conflicting voices.

Then there are those who propose ancestors like the ancient langraviati by Hesse Cassel and Hesse Darmstadt. The mystery remains and its scarce diffusion. Hope, the promised land, forAffenpinscher as with many other dogs and men, it is in the United States where it seems that in recent decades its appearance has struck the imagination and good heart of many dog ​​lovers. Maybe a coup ad Hollywood it would solve his anonymity forever.

Affenpinscher: appearance, weight and height

L'Affenpinscher is a small dog with a weight of 3-4 Kg it's a'height of 25-30cm.

The body is well proportioned and harmonious. It is a compact and dignified, athletic and linear dog. Of course, to please us, we must love his likeness from Affen, from ape, which many find pleasant and nice. De gustobus.

The expression is curious and invites dialogue, the round eyes stare at us with eyebrows that form their ornament, then there are the pure white teeth that stand out against the black. Black is the predominant and most frequent color of the hair, due to theAffenpinscher, although in some litters there are, albeit very low probability, dogs with black-brownish or black-greyish coats.

This already funny breed also has a massive beard and lots of hair on the cheeks and head. The tail is carried high, the feet of theAffenpinscher they are then are short and rounded.

Affenpinscher: character

Very faithful, other than a monkey: with theAffenpinscher you can rest assured, he would never, ever betray his master whom he is fond of from the first moment he knows him. Its monkey face often displays a thoughtful expression but never loses its liveliness which makes it a companion dog very pleasant.

The character ofAffenpinscher it is very gritty and energetic, but not wild: it is a cuddly in search of physical contact and attention. Not morbidly but sympathetically. He would like to follow his master everywhere and could even do so since he weighs very little. It remains an easy specimen to put in a handbag or to take on a trip or outing, for example with children for which it is an excellent babysitter. It is not dangerous at all, he loves to play with them while with the older ones he is dedicated to traveling or taking long walks.

L'Affenpinscher it is also great hunting dog, in theory her vocation rather than that of nanny her specialty are small rodents or animals such as quail, rabbits and small game. At home, his attentive character makes him become a watchdog which does not attack much, given its size, but is capable of barking and being heard at the slightest noise, putting us on alert.

The relationship between the Affenpinscher and the children

L'Affenpinscher it is an excellent dog for families with children: it is an affectionate, sweet and well-disposed dog to play with children.

Diseases to which the Affenpinscher is subject

L'Affenpinscher it is not subject to particular pathologies but it is important to take care of the hygiene of its eyes as the long hair that abounds on the muzzle induces frequent and abundant tearing with the consequence of making it subject to irritation and infections.

The easiest way to avoid these problems is to cleanse your eyes periodically and brush your eyes daily to get rid of knots and remove dirt, particularly from the muzzle areas around the eyes.

To choose the most suitable brush you can read our dedicated article entitled: Best dog brushes where you will find the review of four quality brushes that can be purchased online.

Price of the Affenpinscher

The price of a purebred dog Affenpinscher adult, healthy and with compulsory certificates relating to all vaccinations required by law is around 1,000 Euros.

Affenpinscher: Breeds of similar breeds

We talked about the Griffon of Belgium, as a race similar to him, and indeed the expression and the dimensions we cannot say that they coincide but that they refer to each other yes, and how. Not for tonnage but for other reasons that I invite you to discover together with this big dog, theAffenpinscher it is often associated with the Giant Schnauzer. By color but not only by color, black, also the Newfoundland he finds himself next to the monkey dog ​​who does not even reach the withers. Elective affinities, perhaps, or canines, that we humans ...

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