The Italy of organic products. From the field to the city

The Italy of organic products. From the field to the city

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The Italy of organic food, that of today, increasingly numerous but perhaps a little confused, and that of yesterday, over a century ago, when the phenomenon began. This is what the volume published by Ambiente editions, fresh off the press at the beginning of the Expo and now very topical, entitled "The Italy of organic" with subtitle “A social phenomenon. From the field to the city ".

To write it, 4 hands, are Roberta Paltrinieri and Stefano Spillare, the first scientific director of CES.CO.COM., Center for advanced studies on consumption and communication of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, center in which his co-author collaborates while dealing with the sociology of consumption, sustainable consumption, responsible tourism and communication as a PhD in sociology at the University of Bologna.

The Italy of organic products viewed from CES.CO.COM., one might think, but the book offers a much more valuable and multifaceted point of view on both the past and the present. Back with the clock, we go to understand how we got from the niche to market success, reviewing the numbers of organic Italy and their variation over the years until the redemption of the organic in late modernity and the rise of a critical spirit that began to see the phenomenon with a series of nuances still present in an evolved, amplified, enriched form.

If we want to understand it with an open mind, enriched, even if sometimes too suffocated by prejudices on both sides with the risk of creating extremisms in which the Italy of organic products it can suffocate.

Fortunately, there are books like this, and experts like the authors, who have also taken the trouble to analyze the reasons that push consumers to choose. organic foods without putting on anyone the tail of a devil or wings of a saint.

It is known, after Expo even more, that the agri-food sector it is full of controversial issues and risks and critical issues, but above all doubts, are more likely to arise around almost every corner. And in the face of doubts, there is the book "The Italy of organic".

After a brief introduction and a chapter on the development ofbiological agriculture looking at the new challenges and the future, the role of organic farming can have, if it plays its cards right, in environmental sustainability. It also goes into the merits of the standardization processes of organic agriculture, a more technical part, but offset by that of a social anthropological background on "food, relationship, meanings and territories".

Before ending the journey in the "Italy of organic" one cannot fail to stop on phenomena such as Farmer's Markets and Km Zero, urban gardens, solidarity buying groups, explaining how the enhancement of typical products and tourism rural areas can represent models for a new relationship between economic activities, society and the environment.

Everything points to that the Italy of organic products, sensible, reasoned, open and democratic, non-judgmental, may exist and may be the only one able to survive for a long time and make us live for a long time. What are we waiting for to understand more? The volume is available on Amazon, with a cover that is very appealing Giuseppe Arcimboldo, which always of the Bella Italia, organic, is representative.

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