GMO and cultivation proposal

GMO and cultivation proposal

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For the first time, theEuropean Commissionhas asked the Member States to authorize the cultivation of a new type of corn genetically modified. This is TC1507 maize, produced by the US multinational Pioneer. Environmentalists find this demand irresponsible and have reminded everyone of the threat GMOs pose to biodiversity.

To motivate the will of Brussels was the Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg who explained what happened last September. When at the end of September the Pioneer applied for the evaluation and possible introduction of its seedsGMOs, the European Food Safety Agency looked into the case and made a number of positive criticisms. The Health Commissioner recalled that this provision was "widely supported by the European Parliament "and that has reached a "substantial majority”Among governments, there is talk of 24 supporters against two opposing countries.

The environmental organization Greenpeace has declared that TC1507 maize is resistant to the massive doses of a pesticide that the European Union intends to withdraw from the market by 2017 due to its high toxicity. A cropgenetically modifiedof this kind, would cause an excessive use of this and other pesticides, doses that would destroy biodiversity, first of all, the negative impact will fall on pollinating insects, butterflies, moths and bumblebees.

In detail what theEU Commission was revive the so-calledCultivation proposal, the directive provides for the possibility for each Member State to decide independently whether or not to grow GMO on its territory. The legislation, in case of approval, will replace the safeguard clauses. Parliament had already expressed a positive opinion on this in 2011, but the law had found a contrary position on the part of Great Britain, France and Germany. The panel of commissioners approved the decision in parallel with the proposal to authorize the cultivation of the TC1507 transgenic maize marketed by Pioneer.

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