All the practical tips for a perfect lawn

All the practical tips for a perfect lawn

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Who among you would not want a lushgreen lawnin style of playing fieldgolf? Here are a fewadviceto obtain a soft turf,greenand healthy. Agreen lawnneeds care, ameadowwithout the need for maintenance has not yet been invented ... in reality, irrigations can be programmed with little change while the wealthiest can use robotic lawnmowers to cutmeadow.

In giving you oursadviceto have a goodgreen lawn, we draw on the experience of the sector professional Tom Brooks, superintendent of the prestigiousCarson Valley Golf Course, in Gardnerville (already the name "gardner - ville" should make you think since in English, the term gardner meansgardener!).

THEadviceto have agreen lawnstart frommowingwhich must be frequent and take place with well-sharpened blades. It is necessary to cut with a lawn mower with very sharp blades, the cut must be clean otherwise themeadowit will lose its beautiful complexiongreentending to get dark. So, the first thing to do to get agreen lawnconsists in buying a good lawnmower. To understand how to choose the right mower for your type ofmeadow, read this article. Important: themeadowit must never be mowed when wet!

Do not bother to collect the grass clippings, with the use of a mulching type lawnmower, the grass stalks will be finely chopped up and left on the same meadow: being very small they will degrade quickly turning into humus, excellent nourishment for the meadow. Very small grass residues are more sensitive to the action of various microorganisms so as to turn into a ready-to-use natural fertilizer.

Industry expert Pete Landschoot -professor of agricultural sciences at Penn State University, and expert in techniques for setting up excellent turf-,recommendnot to cut too short. When themeadowit is cut too low, the grass tends to grow faster and has a greater need for water so the gardener is forced to increase his efforts.

The ideal height of themeadowmust be chosen according to the variety of "herb" grown: usually, the turf made up of the species of the genus Lolium or Festuca, is kept with a height of 3.5 cm, while, for the finer herbs such as Agrostis and Poa, the cutting height + 1.5 maximum 3 cm.

All the otherstips to care for the lawnare available in this article.

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