Mixed salad in the garden

Mixed salad in the garden

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Those who love variety cannot do without cultivatean abundantmixed saladof vegetables. When it comes tomixed saladwe refer to a mixture consisting of different varieties of salads and radicchio particularly suitable to be grown together and usually cut. On the market there are different types ofmixed salad, each with its precise percentage composition.

Beginners can buy, for less than a euro, a packet of seeds intended formixed salador with 2-5 euros a large pot of vegetables ready for planting. The most experienced orthoist can create his own blend according to personal tastes. With thecultivationof a good onemixed salad, you can bring to the table mixed salads rich in colors and flavors: in preparing the percentage composition of a good onemixed saladit will be necessary to dose the more bitter varieties with the sweeter ones.

Theremixed saladclassic that is usually appreciated by every palate is the one that combines different varieties of chicory with endive and different types of lettuce.Mixed saladsof this kind can perfectly coexist in the home garden and can begrownin association with carrots, onions, artichokes, celery, radish and tomato ... other useful ingredients to enrich salads.

How and when to sow?
There cultivation of this type ofmixed saladgives almost immediate joys: the harvest will take place 30-40 days after thesowing. Who sows in the seedbed has no time limitations, whosowingin the open field should wait for a temperate climate, usually just wait for the end of winter frosts so a good onemixed saladyou cansowfrom February to September and can be harvested from March to October, depending on the period of sowing.The seed must be buried at a depth of half a centimeter.

Amixed saladgiven by 30% chicory, 30 endive and 40% from varieties of lettuce, but in general, anymixed saladfor cutting, it does not need special attention. All you need is a soil rich in organic matter, fresh, irrigated and well drained. Fertilization must be carried out before sowing (or planting): it can be fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer or with manure to be buried at a depth of 30-40 cm.

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