How to recognize fertile ground

How to recognize fertile ground

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There are different types of soil which are characterized by structure rather than by quantity of nutrients or pH; so we have clayey, loamy and sandy soils. What is the most suitable soil for garden cultivation?

As any good organic farmer will surely know, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, to grow well, need agroundhealthy. One acre of ground it can hold up to 40 tons of life valuable elements to stabilize and make afertile ground.

How do you recognize fertile soil?
The story of a land is told by its native inhabitants (especially worms and mushrooms), its structure and its color. In general, when agroundit is very dark, it is rich in organic matter as well, to test itsfertilityyou just need to pull out a plant with roots (uproot) and, by observing the root system, you will notice that it is well distributed and extended.

By uprooting the plant, the soil should crumble and not remain anchored to the roots by hard clods. Before carrying out this inspection with the uprooting of a plant, algrounda little water will have to be administered.

If by uprooting a plant the soil is in hard clods and / or the roots are stunted, the quality of the soil must certainly be improved. Soil interventions can be carried out with the addition of well-decomposed peat and / or compost.

Here are some pointers for make the soil more fertile:

  • With the spade and sink into the ground, turning the earth over until it reaches a depth of at least 20 centimeters
  • Gradually remove all the roots of weeds that take away space and nutrients from your plants and stones
  • Once this is done, crumble the earth with the pickaxe then pour the fertilizer and with the rake mix it with the soil.
  • Before sowing, wait at least a couple of months, the time for the earth to mix well with the fertilizer.

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