How to grow tangerines

How to grow tangerines

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The tangerine is a tree belonging to the Rutaceae family characterized by a robust and deep root system. Growing mandarins does not require difficult cultivation practices; it is enough to always keep in mind some simple rules to see the plants grow luxuriantly and to guarantee a good harvest. Let's see in detail how to grow tangerines.

Do you have a little green corner? Why not dedicate it to cultivation of mandarins?
Tangerines are consumed in the kitchen as fresh fruit, in fruit salads, but they can be used in many preparations: the untreated rind is suitable for preparing mandarinetto and candied fruit; pulp is used in the preparation of a delicious tangerine jam; the essential oils contained in the peel are extracted for the preparation of aromatic essences.

How to grow tangerines, indications

  • Arrange for planting in the open ground in spring from late March to May
  • Prefer sunny places sheltered from winds: in the northern regions, mandarins must be placed in a closed place during the winter season
  • Even if they grow in any type of soil, prefer the loose, fertile, particularly permeable one, with an excellent amount of humus inside and, finally, also quite fresh
  • Avoid watering during the winter and spring months: rainwater is sufficient. In case of prolonged drought, watering, taking care to avoid water stagnation
  • In summer, water regularly and constantly, preferably early in the morning
  • Every three months, administer mature manure
  • Hoeing the soil around the mandarin stem at least three or four times during the year to prevent dirt from forming in the soil: it serves to ensure the passage of water and excellent aeration of the roots.

How to grow tangerines, pests and pruning

  • THE tangerines, like all citrus fruits, they fear aphids, mites, the attacks of cochineal, the dryness, green mold and root rot.
  • Pruning is an important operation; all dry branches must be eliminated and the suckers must be systematically removed during the winter

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