Lawn mower or brush cutter. How to choose

Lawn mower or brush cutter. How to choose

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Those who take care of garden maintenance will often have found themselves faced with this dilemma: better one lawn mower or brush cutter? In recent times, the battery lawn mower, more aptly called electric lawnmowers and in parallel they also arrived electric brushcutters. Let's clarify immediately what the difference is between a lawn mower it's a grass trimmer.

A grass trimmer it is a tool that can be used to cut and mow grass, bushes, shrubs, brushwood and small trunks, depending on the power and configuration. They exist on the market brushcutters endothermic or electric power supply. THEbrushcutterswith endothermic power supply they have a small tank that must be filled with fuel that varies according to the engine which can be two-stroke or four-stroke. In four-stroke engines it will be enough to insert petrol while for thebrushcutters with two-stroke engines, a petrol-oil mixture must be prepared. THE brushcutters with internal combustion engine they vary in displacement ranging between 18 and 50 cc, as well as i electric brushcutters they have a power measured in kW.

In addition to nutrition, i brushcutters they can be divided by model, with fixed rods or shoulders. THE brushcutters fixed shaft are given by a single body consisting of motor, shaft and cutting blade. THE brushcutters with backs, they mount the motor separately on a structure that is worn like a backpack, thus making it possible to use the harness and a flexible hose connecting the rod:brushcuttersbacked are more suitable for hard to reach areas, in the home you can prefer a grass trimmer backed if you have to mow the grass near a fence, near a dry stone wall and in steep areas.

A lawn mower or lawn mowers is a tool on wheels, dedicated exclusively to cutting lawn grass. THE lawn mower with electric motor they are suitable for cutting the grass of a lawn up to 500-1,000 square meters in size. THE lawn mower with engine petrol engines are more suitable for the care of very large gardens, from 1,000 to 3,000 square meters. Those who need to cut grass on lawns larger than 1,000 square meters will have to choose a self-propelled lawnmower.

To characterize the lawn mower is the presence of a basket capable of accumulating the cut grass. Its capacity reaches a maximum of 75 liters. On the market there are several models of lawn mower which are distinguished by the characteristics just described. To choose the most suitable lawnmower for your lawn, you need to keep in mind the cutting needs: an increasingly requested function is mulching, the capacity of the lawn mower to pour the cut grass onto the ground after having finely chopped it.

Lawn mower or brush cutter?
If your garden is equipped with several walls, fences and furnishing elements (tables, games for children), you would probably be better off choosing a brush cutter. But remember, with the grass trimmer the cut grass must be harvested by hand! The brush cutter comes in handy in many other gardening jobs.

If your only need is to cut the grass on the lawn and you don't want to tire yourself out, then you should choose a lawn mower.

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