Ants in the house: natural remedies

Ants in the house: natural remedies

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With the arrival of spring, the ants in the house. They are not dangerous but not even beautiful to look at (at home) and if they are not kept under control, they risk invasion. The temptation to 'cut short' is always strong: I buy a super-effective spray and the problem is solved. But is it the best solution?

In our opinion not, also because there are natural remedies against ants in the house and other insects. Ecological systems that are less dangerous for the health of the home environment. There are those who call them natural insecticides, but the definition is incorrect: the aim is in fact to keep unwelcome guests away and prevent them from reproducing in our home, not to exterminate them at the risk of harming themselves.

In fact, keep in mind that the suffix 'cida' means 'that kills'. If this is true for the ants in the house it is also, to some extent, for more complex organisms such as pets and people. Household chemicals are never harmless and if this is true for detergents, it is all the more true for insecticides. And it does not matter that the products are designed to be active at infinitesimal doses, indeed this means that in super-concentration they are highly toxic.

What to do then? If you find a row of ants in the house the first thing to do is to look for the access point, which is usually a small hole in some corner or around the frame of doors and windows. Having identified the opening, sprinkle it with talcum powder. Never forget that ants go where they find something (which is why they prefer cooking) and the first natural remedy is to take care of housekeeping, keeping the environment clean of crumbs and food remains. It is also very useful to clean the floors with vinegar solutions, very unwelcome to insects and therefore able to keep them away.

Mint and coffee are also useful as a remedy for ants in the house. Mint, which you can grow yourself, can be used by placing a few leaves on windowsills and around doors. Mint tea bags are also good and more practical. Coffee, which obviously means in powder form, not in a cup, can instead be used like talcum powder to 'guard' the access points. This can also be a good way to recycle coffee grounds.

If you really can't refrain from 'spraying something' or the invasion of ants in the house it seems irrepressible, so prepare yourself a natural insecticide. You can make an effective one using other natural substances that ants don't like, such as eucalyptus and cajeput essentials. Mix them with a little ethyl alcohol and apply with a sprayer.

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