Soil weeding, when and how

Soil weeding, when and how

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Forweeding of a land means the removal of weeds from the surface through the use of appropriate agricultural tools. With the weeding the soil you get a weed-free or even softer soil. There weeding the soil represents a technique of natural weeding.

In the garden, in the vegetable garden or in the field, unfortunately, weeds grow and that is why it is necessary to implement one or more weeding systems: weeding defends the soil from weeds.

Weeding, the tools to use
Having the right tools will make the weeding simpler: for the garden on the terrace, just buy a small three-pronged rake, scissors to cut the grass and a small shovel; for the home garden you will need a rake, a special hoe and an edger to define the borders of the garden, particularly useful if there is a path in the garden or if the garden is adjacent to a lawn or a flowerbed without hedges separatory. The edger is a kind of wide-pointed shovel used to remove weeds in the border areas or at the edge of a wall / fence.

For large fields there are scrapers (or weeds) by motor while for the large domestic vegetable garden you can use hand weeds (or scrapers) which require a lot of workforce for use.

There weeding it is very useful for eradicating weeds between the rows of plants, which is why there are rakes orweedssmall in size born precisely in order not to damage the pre-existing crops. If necessary, a scraper also serves to make the soil softer, it is particularly useful for breaking up the crust that tends to form on the surface of the soil.

A little weir (it is a tool similar to the hoe but equipped with fork teeth) is useful for work related to weeding.

When to proceed with the weeding of the land?
There weeding it is not a seasonal job. It can be catered for weed the soil only when needed; just observe the ground and, if necessary, proceed with the weeding. When does the occurrence occur? When the ground is too much "hard" you can proceed with the raking while when weeds sprout between the rows of vegetables the need arises for weeding and so you can implement the weeding.

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