Food for animals: collect and donate them with Balzoo

Food for animals: collect and donate them with Balzoo

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Food for animals. The crisis has also reduced these but there is Leap who takes care of it. He manages emergencies by giving a hand to needy families who also have a little friend at home, so he avoids abandonment. Its volunteers, following in the footsteps of San Francesco, take care of the distribution of food for animals to all kennels / shelters on the national territory. Now there is also an app,Dogalize, all to be discovered.

1) When were you born and how did you get the idea?

Banco Alimentare Zoologico Onlus - Balzoo was born in March 2013 and deals with food for animals. The idea of ​​creating something for the collection of not only arises from the love for the animal kingdom itself food for animals was born when I saw a pensioner who survives on the minimum pension forced to share a packet of pasta, taken from Caritas, with his dog, the only affective support of his life. At that moment I understood what I had to do and today I am proud to have created Leap.

2) What is your mission and what does the service consist of?

We are just people who want to give a "dream" and a "smile" for a better future, ours is a project no profit dedicated to food for animals, professionally organized. Following the Christian tradition of St.Francis, we manage different emergencies relating to the pet food, our volunteers take care of the distribution of food to those abandoned in kennels / shelters. Our purpose is also to support families in financial difficulty who have a dog or a cat or other at home and have problems obtaining food for animals, so we also avoid any abandonment.

3) Who gives you a hand with pet food?

We collaborate with institutions and municipalities that are sensitive to the problems of the weakest and most needy citizens. The first major city that gave us support was Milan and this must be an example. We have also entered into an important collaboration with the City Angels Onlus, with them we are able to deliver food to the homeless who live with their dog. Many small associations interested in the emergency of the food for animals they are collaborating with us, opening our branches in numerous cities.

4) Where are you active and where would you like to expand?

With our service of food for animals we are active in 25 cities. The largest is the city of Milan and soon we will also be in Turin.

5) What kind of pet food do you collect and how?

We collect food for animals of various types, but above all suitable for dogs and / or cats. The collection takes place in specialized shops in food for animals, supermarkets or through our gazebos that we occasionally organize in the cities where we are present.

6) What do you think are the effects on society of an animal feed service?

Balzoo is not alone food for animals, is not just supporting animals abandoned in kennels and / or shelters: our primary commitment is to support families in financial difficulty. If we are able to support those in difficulty, we will take solidarity and civil action but we will also be able to decrease dropouts of dogs and / or cats.

7) What are your future projects?

Our main project for the future, relating to food for animals, is to extend the service throughout Italy. There is also the App. It is called Dogalize and is the first social network for dog owners.

Dogalize is the completely free app for dog owners that allows you to interact with all social networks, sharing experiences and posts, photos and videos of your dog. Thanks to the geolocation system it is possible to identify the position of our four-legged friends as well as places and dog-friendly places such as playgrounds, restaurants, hotels and specialty shops. With Dogalize it is also possible to ask the veterinarian directly for advice, identify discounts on food for animals and, for all animal welfare associations, a space to get to know and interact better.

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