Mulberry tree, between crops and properties

Mulberry tree, between crops and properties

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L'mulberry treecomes to measure 10-20 meters in height. In Italy, two varieties ofmulberry tree, thewhite mulberry,botanically known asMorus albaand theblack mulberry, known as Morus nigra. L'mulberry tree (White or blackthat is), it does not need much care and can easily be grown in the garden for the production ofblackberries, compound fruits.

Themulberrywas imported from the East for the breeding of silkworms, more precisely, theblack mulberry tree from Persia (present-day Iran) and only later was thewhite mulberry,imported from China in the distant Middle Ages.

The blackberries produced bymulberry treethey have excellent properties and a sweet and juicy flavor. This fruit has not found fame because of little commercial interest: the fruits have a rapid perishability and despite the flavor and nutritional characteristics, blackberriesmulberrythey have not achieved the popularity they deserve.

L'mulberry treeit could also be grown in the garden for its shading qualities: the leaves fall early at the dawn of autumn allowing the sun's rays to filter, on the contrary, the plant begins to fill with leaves in late spring, when the sun is still pleasant. Anyone who raises chickens might consider growing amulberry treein the pasture area, the plant would provide the right shade in summer and feed the poultry with fallen fruit.

The properties of the Mulberry
The blackberry of themulberryhas excellent properties! The fruits ripen in June July (for thewhite mulberry) and between August and September (for theblack mulberry) and can be used both to eat as the classic blackberries, and for the preparation of pies, jams, centrifuged, muffins…. When consumed as they are, they can be served with a sprinkling of sugar, a squeeze of lemon and ... for those who don't mind calories, even a little cream. Although it is not introduced into the culinary culture, mulberry is the main ingredient of many traditional desserts, this is the case ofMulberry tree trunk, typical dessert of Nepal.

The fresh fruits ofmulberrythey are rich in nutrients and in the East they are famous for their medicinal properties. The fruits ofmulberrythey are rich in vitamins (especially C, B, A and K), antioxidant pigments (including resveratrol, the same that allowed the wine to win the saying "wine makes good blood ") and iron. The fruits ofmulberry they are tonic and tonic, in folk medicine they are used as natural remedies for coughs and cathars.

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