How to restore furniture with iron components

How to restore furniture with iron components

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How to restore iron furniture: Restoring furniture is by no means an easy task, especially if this is inironor includes metal parts.

All the furniture has metal or iron parts such as handles, locks, hinges ... there are also furniture and furnishing elements completely made ofiron.

How to restore iron furniture,in case of rust
If the iron components have rusty parts, we advise you to use a compound that renders the rust inert and re-paintable to pass only after removing the old paint. To treat iron rust in furniture, we advise you to read our dedicated article "How to remove rust from iron".

Rust occurs mainly in the components in furniture iron ancient especially if exposed to the sun or near radiators. Heat and sudden changes in temperature cause small cracks. Micro-cracks are formed in the paint layer which, by allowing oxygen to enter, cause oxidation of the iron and the appearance ofrust. In case of rust, each layer of paint must be removed and then a couple of coats of gel or other protective substances to be applied in conjunction with the new paint. In the article "Eliminating iron rust" the possible converters to be used and the finishes to be performed are indicated.

How to restore iron furniture,if no rust is present
The iron hinges of thefurniture to be restoredthey must be removed and stripped with a pickling substance capable of removing the paint without damaging the underlying patina. The pickling agent for iron is applied with a brush in small doses. Alternatively, if the surface inironto be treated has various grooves it is possible to use the pickling agent by immersion (the object is immersed fromrestorein the pickling compound). Again, if that gives restoreit's airon cabinetand therefore the surface to be treated is very large, it is possible to use a spray container.

  • Spread the pickling agent pure or diluted in hot water
  • Let it act for a maximum of one hour (the action time varies according to the thickness of the paint, try to let the pickling agent act for a few minutes first)
  • Remove the paint with a rag.
  • Apply the protective coating.

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