The assembly of solar panels

The assembly of solar panels

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The assembly of solar panelsit is not a very complex procedure, however, both for the position (often domestic systems are made on the roof!) and for the installation itself (a certain inclination must be respected), we recommend the intervention of an expert team ininstallation of solar systems.

Mounting of solar panels, the installation of a pitched roof system
Forinstall a solar systemit will be necessary to install, in advance, the appropriate supports which, in the case of aphotovoltaic roofare brackets with a support frame. Thus, before theassemblythe actual roof must be prepared to anchor thesolar panelsfromto install.

In correspondence with the points where the brackets need to be fixed, some tiles will need to be removed. Depending on the type of substrate present on thepitched roof(brick, struts, reinforced concrete ...) there are various systems. The original coverage of theroofit will be restored after fixing the brackets.

Attach the brackets and, on the protruding part of these structures, place the rails of the support frame. If theassembly of solar panelsit must take place on aspiked roof, then the brackets will have to be fixed on additional frames or other equivalent systems.

After fixing the brackets you can proceed with theinstallation of solar panels: the panels are placed on the tracks and fixed to these with connection terminals. The same terminals must also be placed between apaneland the other, the terminals are not the only junctions between the various onessolar panelsof a system: before fixing each panel, it must be electrically connected to the previous one via a rear cable with a plug.

Mounting of solar panels, in summary

  • the tiles are removed and the support brackets are fixed
  • the rails of the support frame are added to the brackets
  • the solar panels are placed on the tracks connecting them with terminals
  • each solar panel will be connected to the other via connection terminals (mechanical junction) and via a rear cable with plug (electrical junction)
  • in case of rafter roof, the brackets are fixed on additional frames or equivalent systems.

How does a solar system work? In summary
THEsolar panelsthey are able to convert sunlight into electricity thanks to silicon cells. Silicon is a semiconductor material which, hit by an electromagnetic source (the source in this case is represented by the photons of the sun's rays) is able to produce direct current. Household electrical appliances operate on alternating current, which is why the current produced by the silicon cells must be “reconverted” by means of an inverter which, in addition, stabilizes the frequency before feeding the current into the grid.

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