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Cabbage, properties and benefits

Cabbage, properties and benefits

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Crosses, selections and even genetic manipulations have given us so many varieties of cabbage. The best known are: white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, Buxwelles sprout is kohlrabi. But there are others.

Whatever the variety, the cabbage it has properties and benefits that have always been recognized, to the point that the ancients used the cabbage only as a medicinal plant and not as a food as is done today. Now that this vegetable has become a king of the table, the cabbage soup, or cabbage soup, is one of the most recommended preparations in a healthy diet, is the protagonist in nutraceuticals, and in some areas, for example in France, it is used to enjoy it in the morning as a breakfast.

Properties and benefits

The cabbage it is vermifuge, it is particularly good for the intestine, while for external use it is disinfectant and healing in the case of sores and burns. It also relieves pain and is a soothing agent for rheumatism, gout and sciatica. Its characteristics include the high content of vitamin C, which gives it antiscorbutic properties, and an essential element for the body such as sulfur. The cabbage it is also a powerful sedative against nervousness and insomnia: the anxious, especially under exams, the depressed, the neurasthenic and the always tired can benefit from it.


All the numerous varieties of cabbage are effective and can be found in practically all seasons, from spring and summer cauliflower to red cabbage and savoy cabbage peeking out under the snow. Ideal seasons for a steaming soup of cabbages they are autumn and winter.


It can be used in juice, syrup, decoction, compresses, poultices and for hand baths and foot baths. One technique to use the leaves as a pain reliever is to soften them with a pass of an iron.

Cabbage on the table

You can eat them at will and digestion is easier than you think, especially i sauerkraut which contain lactic ferments and disinfect the intestine. If you find it hard to digest the cabbage it's usually because something heavy has been eaten next to him.

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