Green Office Day 2013, Friday dressed in sustainability

Green Office Day 2013, Friday dressed in sustainability

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On 7 June dress in green and participate in the Green Office Day! Carry out your daily meals but for this time, paint them with sustainability! Involve colleagues and friends because… green is vital and also contagious!

Green Office Day reaches its fifth edition and this year we talk about "eco food ". An invitation to eco-sustainable food that reduces waste, the water footprint, CO2 emissions and above all the seasonality of food and the territory. But let's take a step back, what is it Green Office Day? Green Office Day is the initiative that promotes a work environment healthier and eco friendly. The simple daily gestures and the small attentions of each of us can contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem even on work place!

Even in companies, offices and other workplaces, it is necessary to adopt policies aimed at the optimal use of resources. A smart way to save money and Respect the enviroment. Not only the owners but every employee can adopt behaviors and eco-sustainable habits that improve the working environment, after all it is in the workplace that we spend most of our time ... so it is better if we transform it into a healthy and sustainable place!

Green Office Day il 7 June celebrates its fifth edition in Italy and is the result of the spontaneous initiative of workers, employees and citizens sensitive to the environmental impact that can also derive from normal working life. Each of us can choose which green action to take Friday 7 June and why not, maybe keep it even during the rest of the year.

As stated, this year's theme isEco Food, sustainable food saves the environment and human health. Green Office Day has compiled the list of 10 good habits to adopt to reduce your food footprint even in the office. The Green Office Day aims at the participation of all those who work in the office, in the factory, in the company. And a nice idea is also to wear something GREEN, a tangible sign of your adhesion to the initiative.

For the decalogue of good habits and more information about Green Office Day, the official page is available:



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