The ecological management of the house

The ecological management of the house

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A management truly ecological of the home it has positive implications for health, the environment and the wallet. The choice and use of domestic appliances efficient, i.e. low energy consumption, the adoption of good (and simple) rules of behavior and the use of natural detergents, limiting that of aggressive products.

For starters, we're sure that washing machines is dishwasher they work very well and at maximum efficiency even using half the detergent indicated in the instructions. And if it is active detergents even at low temperatures, even better. Remember that you can do without the prewash and that by operating the washing machine at night in the low consumption range you can save a lot. These first tips are enough because the ecological house management you begin to give results.

Remaining at the washing machine, remember that washing over 70 ° C is only useful for disinfecting the linen from mites, so it is good to wash at these temperatures but only occasionally, otherwise lower temperatures are enough, which help to save energy (which is one of the first goals of the ecological house) and also make the fabrics last longer.

During washing operations, it is advisable to ventilate the room to disperse the ionization and detergent vapors. In ironing operations, the iron steam equipped with a water tank allows you to do without the various advertised additives for better ironing, useless and not always harmless consumption: in ecological house garments can only be ironed with a little steam and a good iron.

Very important is to replace the detergents currents with those biological and natural that can also be made at home, and bleach with oxygen whiteners. All this greatly improves the ecological impact of household appliances and has positive implications for our health. For example it will avoid contact with residues of detergents on clothes and their ingestion.

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