How to cure acne with natural methods

How to cure acne with natural methods

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L'acne it is a problem that afflicts many young people to the point of triggering social withdrawal. There are effective pharmaceutical products which, however, can be very aggressive on the skin. Many do not know they are there natural remedies against the'acne really effective and we'll show you some of them below.

Treating acne with Aloe Vera
The aloe gel can be used as a real natural antibiotic for the skin thanks to its antiseptic properties since it contains saponins, terpene glycosides. Those features don't just help treat acne, but they are also very important for naturally regenerating the skin. For application, just pass the gel directly on the affected areas.

Treating acne with chaste tree herbal tea
Another natural remedy, especially for the'acne that is formed during the menstrual cycle is the herbal tea based on chaste tree. It is enough to drink 1-2 cups of this herb to regulate hormone levels in women. Other herbs with similar effects are sage and red clover.

Treating acne with vinegar or lemon juice
The acids contained in lemon juice and vinegar help to counteract theacne. For application, just wipe a cotton ball with vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice on the pimples.

Treating acne with tea tree essential oil
Among the essential oils effective for treatingacne, we find the essential oil of tea tree, an oil that is extracted from the tea tree with great antiseptic properties. For application it is advisable to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil and then pass the mixture over the area to be treated.

Treating acne with yogurt
Another natural remedy againstacne is yogurt, a product rich in lactic acid with the ability to cleanse the skin as well as nourish and regenerate it. For application, simply spread the white yogurt with probiotics on the part to be treated after taking a chamomile steam bath to open the pores.

Very interesting is also the natural therapy proposed by dr. Walden that explains how to cure acne permanently adopting a series of measures to improve one's lifestyle, favoring the elimination of the toxins that underlie acne.

The method of dr. Walden therefore is based on removing the causes that lead to acne without using medicines. Here is the presentation video that explains his theories in detail.

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