August care for plants in the house, balcony and terrace

August care for plants in the house, balcony and terrace

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In the period from July to August the indoor plants they suffer a lot from heat and low ambient humidity. The help it can give consists mainly of foliar spraying to be performed frequently (taking care to use rested water, preferably rainy and not too cold). For the plants on the balcony It is on terrace in August the descending phase of the vegetative cycle begins, the seeds abound and the leaves change color. This is the time to multiply different species, bury the bulbs that will bloom in autumn and prune the re-flowering roses.

Considering that 'the rain of'August refreshes the forest ', even for indoor plants it can be invigorating to stay outdoors and enjoy the beneficial action of the rain, but not for too long. If you notice fog on the horizon in the evening, bring the ornamental species back home and cover the cacti that you had moved outdoors at night to prevent dew from damaging them.

August it is also the period in which on re-flowering roses, typical balcony and terrace plants, it is necessary to intervene with pruning similar to those that are done in spring, that is by cutting the stems above the third or fourth pair of leaves starting from the point where the stem branches. With this pruning and the suspension of watering for a week, the plants reach the state of vegetative rest they need. When you start wetting the roses you must also move the soil on the surface and fertilize with ammonium phosphate and bone superphosphate.

In the hottest period between July and August the indoor plants and those on the balcony or terrace should be watered abundantly every day, and if necessary even twice a day so that the soil is always fresh and can benefit from the necessary humidity. It is then necessary to intervene against any parasites, monitoring in particular the aphids.

August is also the right time to multiply some by cuttings indoor plants such as African violet and chlorophytum and make cuttings of geraniums using the buds that grow on the central part of the stems.

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