Urbanpromo: urban regeneration and social housing

Urbanpromo: urban regeneration and social housing

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What are the cornerstones of urban regeneration? The activation of investments through public-private partnerships, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, the enhancement of real estate assets, private financing of public works, real estate taxation, prospects for the real estate market.

We will talk about it to Urbanpromo, a reference event for the themes of urban and territorial marketing, which will be joined this year by Urbanpromo social housing on social housing issues. Urbanpromo 2013 chose Turin for its tenth edition, from 6 to 8 November, in the Circolo dei readers (conference venue) and in the spaces of the Italian Risorgimento.

Urbanpromo, an event organized by the National Institute of Urban Planning and by Urbit, is traditionally a meeting point, comparison and advanced updating for administrators, economic operators, professionals, scholars and researchers. Urban regeneration and this year social housing, also and above all with the aim of building a vision of a system for social housing.

During Urbanpromo in Turin, the winners of the Urban Planning award will be awarded - the competition held by the scientific journal of the National Institute of Ubanistics - chosen through a referendum by visitors to the 2012 event and divided into three categories: 'Balance of interests in the public-private relationship'; 'Insertion in the urban context'; 'Quality of infrastructure and public spaces'.

The winners of the Urban Planning award who will be awarded at Ubanpromo. Category 'Balance of interests in the public / private relationship': Confcommercio (for the synergy project between the redevelopment of the historic center and the enhancement of the commercial system in the Umbrian city of Torgiano); the X municipality of the Municipality of Rome (for a planning experiment in the areas of Morena, Casal Morena and Ciampino; the Municipality of Posada, in the Nuoro province (for the municipal urban plan).

Category 'Insertion in the urban context': Polis Srl (for the redevelopment projects of the Ciampino city center); the Municipality of Spilamberto, in the province of Modena (for a redevelopment project of a part of the historic center and the park adjacent to Rocca Rangoni); the Province of Reggio Calabria (for the project that enhances the experience and anthropic parks).

Category 'Quality of infrastructure and public spaces': the Municipality of Palermo (for the operational program aimed at the development of the strategic assets of the territorial system defined in agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructures); the Municipality of Bari (for the integrated redevelopment program of the outskirts of San Marcello); the Calabria Region for the Regional Territorial Landscape Framework.

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