Summer 2013, the favorite destinations of Italians

Summer 2013, the favorite destinations of Italians

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To reveal thefavorite destinations for Italiansit was a research conducted by American Express, and Confesercenti-Swg but there is no lack of data collected from the web: according to Google, with its Zeitgeist, the podium is occupied by three seaside resorts which are Corsica, Salento and Croatia.

For Google these would be thefavorite destinations for Italiansbecause they have received a greater number of visits from Internet users in search of images of beaches and coasts. The survey conducted by Confesercenti-Swg has something more concrete: the estimate has seen that more than 18 million Italians have had to give up their holidays, thus almost half ofItaliansstay home for the holidays.

Thefavorite destinations for Italians,the selection criteria
For theirsholidaysItalians think about the environment. TheItaliansthey choose the cleanest and most pristine locations, especially when it comes to seabed and beaches: Italians prefer clean beaches and pristine waters. Afterwards, a good cultural offer is preferred surrounded by food and wine tours, finally, we look after the wallet by hunting for the cheapest packages.

The ranking offavorite destinations for Italiansencounters discrepancies depending on who conducted the survey. For American Express, around 80 percent of the holders of the renowned credit card have booked holidays in Greece, Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia. Greece remains the most popular destination also for the statistics released by, a search engine for flights and hotels.

For the travel portal, thefavorite destinations for Italianswould be Greece with Santorini and Mykonos, Spain with Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and Mallorca while for theextra-European destinationsBangkok, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles stand out.

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