Electric bikes with regenerative braking

Electric bikes with regenerative braking

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Today we will see how theregenerative brakinginelectric bicycleand what are the models of Pedalec who mount this technology. The electric bicycle is the normal evolution of two-wheeled pedals: over 40 million already circulate in Chinaelectric bicycles and the estimates see an ever-increasing number even here in Italy.

Until recently, the systems ofregenerative brakingwere rather inconsistent: theregenerationyielded an effective recovery of 3% which in a 10Ah battery corresponds to 0.3 Ah, with current technologies the actual recovery percentage has improved. The energy recovery of aelectric bicycle with regenerative brakingit depends on the system it mounts but also on the total mass (weightelectric bike +pilot). Thereregenerative brakingit recovers useful energy by extracting it from a portion of that which is normally dissipated in the form of heat during slowdown.

Between electric bicycles with braking energy recovery system we point out the Bioplanet line, the Polaris electric bikes and the most famous Smart eBike.

Electric bicycle with regenerative braking, kits
Anybicycletraditional can turn oneelectric bicycleand with the appropriate kit take advantage of theregenerative braking. To mention one of the best kits on the market that offers technology withregenerative braking, we point out the Smart-Pie, with 250/500 Watt electric motor and the same technical characteristics of the Magic Pie 3 but with the addition of the standardization for road circulation (speed limit set at 25 km / h, homologation for circulate on public land ...). The kit can count on an internal controller, disc brake, programming via USB of the control unit andregenerative braking.Another example is given by the BionX Kit aregenerative brakingwhich offers battery, motor and control panel.

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