Agriculture grows and creates jobs, now it must be defended

Agriculture grows and creates jobs, now it must be defended

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If in 2013 theagriculture Italian is going through a phase of growth what is the reason? Well, on the one hand it could be said that the crisis had come earlier in the sector and therefore it is normal that we begin to emerge earlier; on the other hand, it is clear to everyone that an entire generation of young people is experiencing - perhaps a little undergoing - a cultural change in whichagriculture it becomes a future between the possible and the necessary.

In numbers the growth of agriculture in reality it is modest (+ 0.1% in the first quarter of 2013) but is accompanied by two phenomena that bode well for the future: the creation of new jobs and the approach of many young people under 35 (+ 9%) . Faced with this positive trend, the question is: what is Italy doing to defend and support its own agriculture and alleviate the (many) problems?

According to the operators of the agricultural sector who met on 17 August in Lignano Pineta for the 'Economy under the umbrella', The main problem concerns the protection of Italian Food. The question of agricultural and agri-food products Italians is growing abroad, but suffers terribly from unfair competition from products that imitate our own ones.

The numbers presented are impressive: compared to an overall export of agri-food products really Italians which is around 20 billion euros per year, the value of the products italian sounding sold on foreign markets, but of non-Italian origin, is 60 billion euros, that is triple.

The damage caused by agri-food dumping toItalian agriculture it is enormous both from an economic point of view and from an image point of view because in Italy there are some of the most stringent rules on food, and the true Italian Food always guarantees a higher quality than imitation products manufactured abroad.

According to the speakers of 'Economy under the umbrella', The defense of agri-food product Italian abroad must begin with the rules on labeling of origin and the promotion strategies ofItalian Food which must aim to create territorial identities recognized in the world and not be dispersed in a thousand streams as happens today.

The second problem is the control of the supply chain agri-food products, which has to go from the field to the supermarket counters. From this point of view, the almost total lack of distribution chains in Italian hands and the increasing number of company acquisitions are of great concern agri-food by large foreign groups, French and Spanish in particular. The risk for Italy is to lose control over its own food industry and consequently also agricultural.

At the third meeting of the 2013 edition of 'Economy under the umbrella ' Claudio Bressanutti, director of Coldiretti Pordenone, took part in Lignano Pineta on 17 August; Cristian Specogna co-owner of the Specogna and Toblar wine estates; Marco Tam, president of Agricultural Greenway.

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