Ecological furnishings, which ones to choose?

Ecological furnishings, which ones to choose?

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L'ecological furnitureit is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Some examples ofecological furnishingsReestore Sylvana, a ceiling light made with an old washing machine drum, obviously the limestone has been removed and an energy-efficient lamp has been mounted inside, the cost of this chandelier? 275 pounds! With £ 200 it's possiblefurnish homewith a particularly elegant hammock, made with old Easyjet aircraft seat belts, the hammock is called Ting Sling.

Among the particularities of the sector there are objects made with coffee grounds, it is the case of lamps, tables and desks, Raw Studio is a desk produced using a large number of compacted coffee grounds, the table costs 295 euros and it is very elegant!

If you are not ready to furnish homewith such elaborate (and expensive) objects, you can aim forecologychoosing furniture, lamps and other materials in a more respectful way. As for wood, choose objects made with reclaimed wood or FSC certified chin. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is the main guarantee mechanism on the origin of wood and paper.

Like wood, bamboo is also a material that lends itself very well: it grows very fast, is very strong and versatile and can enter your home in the form ofecological furnishingslike natural furniture, tables or canopies!

To cover beds and sofas, forget about leather and go for natural fabrics such as organic cotton or wool. Forget about synthetic fabrics like polyester altogether.

Paints play a fundamental role inhome furnishings. Is it time to paint the house? Classic paints contain harmful chemicals such as tolulene, these substances are harmful to the environment but also to the health of the inhabitants of the house. A natural paint can add color to the home without impacting the environment!

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