Garden wooden pergolas, maintenance

Garden wooden pergolas, maintenance

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The pergolas they represent a very rustic and elegant style of outdoor furniture and at the same time functional, a corner of the living room in the garden to be enjoyed together. They are also a valid solution for those who need to create shaded areas on the terrace, in front of the house or in a corner of the garden. These are very simple and linear structures generally made of wood, which allow us to be able to stay outdoors, sheltered from the sun on sunny days but also from the humidity of the evening.

Pergolas, features
The pergolas, rather easy to assemble, can be simple, linear structures but can become complex and elaborate. They can also be embellished with stained glass windows, gratings and flower boxes.
The upper structure can be free, shading or completely covering, depending on the needs of space and use.

Wooden pergolas, maintenance
Pergolas are structures that are constantly exposed to atmospheric agents in both summer and winter, therefore it is important to carry out annual maintenance. You don't need to be a professional, these are small tricks that will guarantee the structure greater longevity. Here's what to do:

  1. Sand the wood to eliminate any roughness that arose during the year.
  2. Fill with the ad hoc putty for wood
  3. After drying, sand to make the wood smooth and homogeneous
  4. Nourish the entire structure with garden wood oil
  5. Apply a protective varnish against the aggression of wood parasites.
  6. Finish the job with a water repellent clear coat

WARNING: always wear protective goggles and gloves.

Which climbers to choose to set up your canopy pergola?
To create a green roof in any pergola, it is important to choose plants that are resistant to full sun and that can offer good coverage. Among the flowering vines, the delicious American wisteria lends itself very well: the abundant flowering, guaranteed by exposure in full sun, will ensure you a priceless spectacle as well as providing sufficient shade for the pergola. Alternatively, you can opt for a vine plant or combine it with wisteria, leaving it to climb up the poles.

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