Mobilityweek: NTT DATA prescribes bicycles for employees

Mobilityweek: NTT DATA prescribes bicycles for employees

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In the midst of MobilityweekEuropean Sustainable Mobility Week 2013 (on the calendar from 16 to 22 September) there is no shortage of concrete initiatives to support the initiative promoted by the European Commission. We point out for example that of NTT DATA, a Japanese multinational present in Italy, which for Thursday 19 September announced the 'NTT DATA Green Day: Clean air! Now it's your turn'.

This is not just given that NTT DATA's Green Day involves 2000 employees in the Milan and Rome offices, all kindly invited to go to work by bicycle, or using public transport, or moving in a group with the same car or by any other means with low environmental impact. In compliance with the Mobilityweek.

To employees who join the initiative of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, the Japanese company will deliver a certificate of participation with evidence of the savings achieved in economic and environmental terms, a map of cycle paths in the city and a card to propose ideas and suggestions to the company on the subject of sustainable mobility.

Research and statistical analysis now clearly demonstrate the link between urban mobility, air pollution and citizens' health. By limiting and making the way they travel environmentally friendly, cities can improve the energy balance and environmental performance of the transport system by making citizens' lives healthier.

There European Week of Sustainable Mobility, which has become an international event, aims to be an example of how initiatives at the European level can encourage and facilitate action at the local level.

NTT DATA's contribution to the Mobilityweek however, it is not limited to Thursday 19: the company in Italy has in fact undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, for example the creation of company spaces for parking bicycles and the activation of agreements with ATMs ( Milan) and ATAC (Rome) and commercial establishments for the purchase of bicycles and low environmental impact vehicles.

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