Bike theft: how to defend yourself

Bike theft: how to defend yourself

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In 2012 in Italy they sold more bicycles what cars. At the same time, i bike theft, even if you don't know how long. Have accurate data on the bicycle theft it would help to frame a phenomenon that is becoming economically relevant in light of the greater (social as well as economic) value of the two wheels.

This explains why FIAB - Italian Federation of Friends of Bicycle - has called a conference (scheduled for November 21 and is the first ever in Italy) against bicycle theft. Not only that: to have real data on theft of bikes, FIAB has launched an online survey among cyclists that will integrate the reports collected through prefectures and municipalities. There are three questions (to answer see below): 1. In which city do you live? 2. In 2012 or 2013 how many times have you stolen your bicycle ? 3. If so, have you reported the theft?

The purpose of all this is to make life difficult for thieves bicycles. Because if it is true that there are no chains or padlocks that an experienced thief is not able to break, concrete measures can be taken against thefts. For example, measures and closures that force thieves to bicycles to adopt heavy equipment that is difficult to carry, to waste time, to make noise, to risk being surprised.

Why the bike it is a useful, indeed precious, object to be protected from thieves. To be precise the bicycle it is not exactly an object, but a non-polluting means of transport which, as such, has an importance that goes beyond its economic value. Aluminum, titanium, carbon frames ... there are bicycles which are worth several thousand euros, not to mention the bicycles pedal assisted technology and vintage, but new or damaged be yours bike it is good to defend against the risk of theft.

Speaking of tricks and anti-theft measures, here are the 10 FIAB tips against the bike theft.

  1. Always close the bicycle (always!) even when you leave it for a few moments.
  2. Preferably park in popular places, leaving as much as possible there bike in sight.
  3. In bicycle that is used in the city better not to use wheels and quick release saddles.
  4. Choose a good closure, even if the bike it is old and of little value (the best chains are those with square links that do not return after cutting).
  5. Make sure that the chain connects the front wheel and the frame of the bicycle to an element firmly anchored to the ground (the closure must be as high as possible because this prevents thieves from placing the shear arms on the ground).
  6. When you park the bike in a place at risk it is better to use a second closure.
  7. For short stops in front of the shops and for a second closure of the bicycle it is good to have a circular lock on the rear wheel.
  8. Always close the bicycles even if you park in the courtyards, in the cellar or in the garage.
  9. Take all the necessary precautions to favor the recognition of one's own bicycle in case of theft.
  10. In case of theft of the bicycle, report the fact to the authorities by attaching the photo.

The answers to the 3 questions of the FIAB questionnaire write here: [email protected]

For info on FIAB click here

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