Paravelo, the flying bike

Paravelo, the flying bike

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Are you ready to explore the sky on the pedals of oneflying bike? There is a fantastic sun outside, the sky is clear, pack your backpack and get on board thebicycle, pedal and… take flight! For many people, theflying bikeit is only an evocative image of Spielberg's film (ET, te-le-fo-no ca-sa) but for the designer John Foden and his partner Yannick Read, it is a concrete object.

The two young Englishmen launched this summerParavelo, announced as the firstflying bicycleof the world.Paravelocounts two years of design, so, in the last 24 months, Yannick Read and John Foden have tried - successfully - to produce a practical and easy-to-use vehicle as abicyclebut also innovative and spectacular.

Thus was born theflying bike. One flaw: theflying bikeit's not as green as onebicycletraditional or pedal assisted. In order to take off, thebikehas a heat engine and a small tank to be filled at any filling station. Once in heaven, theflying bikeit can push itself at a speed of 40 km / h. The autonomy is three hours and the reachable altitude is 1,220 meters (4,000 ft).

For now, who wants oneflying bikehe must be willing to spend around € 29,000 (£ 25,000). The designers dream is to find investors so as to start mass production and cut costs. The inventors ofParavelothey hope to bring production costs down to £ 10,000, equivalent to around € 11,660.

Who wants to fly solo without having to wait for theflying bikebecome more accessible, you can always opt for a Parajet. It is a particular type of propeller engine (paramotors)to wear as a simple backpack to soar in flight!

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