Plants, DIY pesticides

Plants, DIY pesticides

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If you have a small vegetable garden or a garden, you will understand that you have a sick plant due to small parasitic insects. In this regard, the first thing you do is buy a chemical pesticide. Of course it proves effective but it is not considered that with its use, we poison the environment that surrounds us and also ourselves. How about a natural method, harmless to the environment and equally effective for eliminating parasites from plants? Below you will find directions for 3do it yourself pesticides completely natural.

Do-it-yourself pesticides, the garlic
Bury a dozen sprouted garlic cloves around the diseased plant, spaced about 40 cm from the trunk: they will then become seedlings in turn. In this way the roots of the diseased plant will absorb the mood of the garlic, producing, in a short time, a disinfectant effect that will lead to warding off insects. This method is very suitable for large plants such as cherry, peach, etc.

Do-it-yourself pesticides, cigarette butts
Another very effective natural pesticide is to soak some cigarette butts smoked in water for at least one night. After this time, filter the mixture and put the solution obtained in a spray bottle. It will then be possible to sprinkle the product on the diseased leaves, preferably in the morning, and let it carry out its action throughout the day. In the evening, you will then have to rinse the leaves with clean water: this will help prevent the effect of the burnt tobacco from damaging the plant in any way. The effects should be visible within a few days.

Do-it-yourself pesticide, tobacco
Another natural method is to macerate the amount of tobacco from three cigarettes in half a liter of water for one night and then add three pressed garlic cloves. The next day you will have to filter the solution and pour it into a sprayer. For the application proceed as in the previous case.