Wireless solar keyboards, prices and models

Wireless solar keyboards, prices and models

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Awireless solar keyboardit takes a lot of cords out of your desk plus no need for batteries to function. All the energy needed to connect to the computer and transmit the writing data is obtained from a series ofsolar panelsperfectly integrated in the upper area of ​​thekeyboard.

The devices wirelessthey make our life easier, the only disadvantage of technologywirelessis that it needs batteries to function, which means that after a certain period, the batteries need to be replaced or recharged. Awireless solar keyboarddoes not have this problem, the power supply is at no cost for the duration of its life.

The market for solar powered devicesit is not yet very mature, so there are not many companies that offerwireless solar keyboards,among the few choices we point out theLogitech wireless keyboardand the least known (but cheaper),solar keyboardSpeedlink.

Both the aforementioned models, to recharge the storage units, are able to exploit any light source, this means that thesolar panelsintegrated, they are able to collect energy both from sunlight (with direct or partial exposure) and from artificial light (office lamps!).

Theresolar keyboardSpeedlink has a clean design, is very compact, has excellent ergonomics and is equipped with silent keys. Therewireless solar keyboardSpeedlink is priced at € 49.95; the price goes up when it comes tosolar keyboardLogitech: users can take it home by paying € 79.99 (more info and photos can be found at this address).

Therewireless solar keyboardoffered byLogitech,after filling up with light, it can guarantee operation for about three months. Its thickness is less than one centimeter and the entire structure was produced without the use of PVC, thewireless solar keyboardby Logitech is distributed in fully recyclable packaging.

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